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Happy companies win

Stronger company performance comes more easily when your staff are motivated. This means it really pays dividends to understand how your staff feel and what they have to say.

People are complicated!

Listening to everyone, all the time, is hard! People are complicated and ever-changing. Even if you could get their feedback, how do you summarize everything in a coherent and useful way?

Here's what you need

Annual surveys are too slow to be useful. Staff appraisal notes are hard to transform into action plans. You need a smarter way to capture fast and frequent feedback from every employee.

You need OMBEA Insights™

OMBEA Insights helps you keep your finger on the pulse. It combines feedback from OMBEA ExpressPods and Quicksurvey to build up a real-time picture of how staff are feeling and what they think. Now you can drive the changes that matter at different locations, all day long!

ExpressPod - Quantitative Data.

ExpressPod quantifies staff feelings as an index to give you a powerful daily KPI.

QuickSurvey - Qualitative Data.

QuickSurvey helps you easily collect freeform feedback on staff thoughts and ideas.

Your Daily Engagement KPI.

ExpressPod is a free-standing kiosk featuring five buttons and a smiley question of your choice, such as 'How was your shift today?'. Employee votes are presented as a simple KPI that quickly reveals peaks and troughs in motivation throughout the day, the month or the year.

You can use multiple ExpressPods at the same time to get the full picture. For example place ExpressPods in different offices, by the clocking-in machines, in the staff canteen, or anywhere else you would like to pinpoint performance drivers.

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Understand Preferences.

ExpressPods can also pose multiple-choice questions whenever you like. In doing so, they help you focus on what staff want. Since they're anonymous, and so easy to use, you'll get mountains of feedback to help you make better decisions in no time.

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Smarter feedback.

QuickSurvey gathers more detailed responses from staff. It's a location-specific mobile survey. Think of it as a smart suggestion box that you can use to collect thoughts on more complex matters, new ideas to transform the workplace, or anything else that's important to you.

Being so simple to access, more staff will use it to give you more feedback at every level.

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Engagement Overview.

Whether you use the ExpressPods, QuickSurvey, or both, the Insights dashboard is your control centre. This is where the data is woven together so you can pull out the ongoing insights that will help you increase employee engagement and productivity.

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Insights Dashboard

It's all here. Benchmark performance, identify productivity drivers, or pinpoint weaknesses by location or by time. Our dashboard presents your data in a way that is easy to understand large volumes of ongoing feedback.

Real-time and Scheduled Reporting

Timeline and Location Comparisons

NPS and Insights Index

Truly Actionable Insights

OMBEA Insights combines ExpressPods and QuickSurvey to give you the full picture across the employee lifecycle. Accept no compromises.

Frictionless Feedback

With OMBEA Insights being so simple to use, you'll get much larger volumes of fast and frequent feedback, leading to more reliable insights.

Time and Place Comparisons

Compare locations to identify precise drivers and areas for improvement. Visualise feedback on a timeline to spot holes during the day, week or year.

The Bigger, The Better

The more ExpressPods you have, the more powerful OMBEA Insights becomes. Use them at every employee location for maximum impact.

Combine Employees and Customers

Happy employees drive customer satisfaction, and vice versa. Use OMBEA Insights to measure both for the complete approach.

24/7/365 Convenience

Check in anytime to monitor live feedback, NPS and Insights Index. Schedule reports so that everyone gets the information they need right on time.

Enhance your focus groups with OMBEA Response

Sometimes you'll want to gather staff together for a focus group. OMBEA Response makes it easy to quantify the discussions through interactive polling that is quick and, where required, anonymous.

1 Build your slides.

Add interactive questions to your PowerPoint slide deck.

2 Poll your group.

They can use OMBEA ResponsePads or smartphones to respond.

3 Analyze Data.

Share live votes as you go and export spreadsheets for further analysis.

Simple to use

Designed to be a natural part of your PowerPoint presentations. If you know how to use PowerPoint, you already know how to use OMBEA Response!

Smarter Questions

Use OMBEA Response for multiple-choice, multiple-response, grouping, and even free-text word cloud questions to get the feedback you need.

Powerful Data

Export data in multiple ways. From simple polling summaries to participant reports and demographic group overviews, OMBEA Response does it all.

Participant Flexibility

Voters are normally anonymous but if you wish to, you can easily set up OMBEA Response to identify and report by individual participant.

More Fun!

OMBEA Response includes quiz-friendly features such as team scoring, leaderboards and 'fastest finger first' summaries.

Hugely Scalable

Poll huge audiences when you need. ResponsePads scale up to 2,000 participants while ResponseApp voting is limited only by your network capacity.

You're in good company.

We're trusted by innovative brands from across the world trust when it comes to customer insights, employee engagement, teaching and training.

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OMBEA ExpressPod™

A free-standing kiosk featuring five buttons and a question for quick measurements.

OMBEA QuickSurvey™

Location-based mobile surveys for deeper understanding.

OMBEA ActionPad™

Stay on top of improvement plans by tracking staff actions.

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