OMBEA and Peer Instruction

Learning Statement: In this article you’ll learn how to apply Peer Instruction techniques in OMBEA Response.
Audience: This article is aimed at all OMBEA users.


For a full description of Peer Instruction see this Wikipedia article.

Before you start

You’ll need a presentation with at least one voting question in it. You will also need a Comparison Slide.

For the polling question, change the Show Chart property to Manually instead of Automatically. This means you will not see the results chart automatically after you close polling.

The Process

  1. Run your presentation.
  2. When you reach your polling slide, invite your students to vote without discussing the question with their peers.
  3. Close the polling and hit F12 to see the Results Monitor. You can use the data here to group students dynamically if you wish.
  4. Repoll your question but this time invite your students to discuss the question with their peers.
  5. Close your polling and advance to the Comparison Slide. You will see the before and after peer discussion results.

Use the Windows extended desktop when working with the Results Monitor so that you can browse the student responses ‘off-screen’.  OMBEA Response 360 users can hide the graph simply by moving it off to an extended desktop or by closing the graph window. At this stage OMBEA Response 360 does not support before and after comparisons.