Running AGMs

Learning Statement: Learning Statement: Learning Statement: In this article we point you in the right direction if you want to use OMBEA to run a shareholder meeting.
Audience: This article is aimed at all OMBEA users.


OMBEA Response carries some key features that will be important to you if you are running a shareholder voting meeting or AGM. In this article we explain what they are, their real life application, and where you will find them.

Percentage Denominators

Normally OMBEA Response calculates chart percentages from the number of participants that voted on that interactive slide. The percentages always add up to 100%. For example if you collect 50 votes on a slide, each vote will be worth 2%.

Under certain circumstances you may want to change this. Let’s say you have 250 shareholders but only 25 of them are present. You might want the chart percentages to add up to 10% to reflect this.

To adjust this, change both the Percentage Denominator and Fixed Percentage Demoninator values in the Chart section of the OMBEA Response Properties panel. In our example above, you would change the Fixed Percentage Denominator to 250.


Normally OMBEA Response only charts the votes actively made by participants. In an AGM you might wish to assign any non-voting participants to an ‘Abstain’ option.

To adjust this, change the Non-responders classed as setting in the Poll section of the OMBEA Response Properties panel.

OMBEA Response can only auto-assign voters it knows about because they have previously voted on a slide or are present in the Participant List. To make this work as expected, remember to add all the expected ResponsePads or ResponseApps to a Participant List.

Voting Weight

Normally each participant’s vote counts as a single response. In a shareholder meeting, however, different participants can carry different voting weights based on their share allocations. For example you might want a participant with 80 shares to contribute ‘80’ to the OMBEA’s calculations.

To adjust this, create a Participant List within the Participant Settings panel. To add a Voting Wight column, click Add Column.

Shareholder Report

OMBEA Response can generate a Shareholder Meeting Report containing information about participants, their votes, and their voting weights. It will also show whether a participant actively voted or had their vote auto-assigned.

You will find this report in OMBEA Response’s normal Reports panel.

You can generate reports while a presentation is running, if you wish to record each decision offline as you. To do so just keep the Reports panel open while you present.