ExpressPod Battery Changes


Your ExpressPod batteries have depleted and you need to change them.

Before you start

  • ExpressPod batteries should last 2-3 years under normal operating conditions and with hourly refreshes to your Insights dashboard.
  • Each ExpressPod takes 3 D-Cell (LR20) batteries. You may optionally add 3 extra batteries for longer performance before a battery change is required.
  • This procedure will expose the ExpressPod circuitry. Please take precautions to avoid a static discharge which could damage the ExpressPod.
  • You should be in an area with GSM reception for this procedure.

Changing your ExpressPod batteries

  1. Remove the ExpressPod question panel.
  2. Separate the ExpressPod from the stand.
  3. Turn your ExpressPod upside down on to a flat surface.
  4. You will see four phillips screws. Unscrew these.
  5. Turn your ExpressPod the right way up and remove the lid.
  6. Replace the 3 or 6 batteries. The light on the ExpressPod will flash several times for around 20 seconds while it reconnects to the Insights servers.
  7. Reassemble the ExpressPod.