Schedule Questions

Learning Statement: In this article you’ll learn how to schedule a stream in advance. You’ll also learn why it’s okay if you forget to create a stream and need to do it retrospectively.
Audience: This article is aimed at all OMBEA ExpressPod users.


In the Walk section we learned how to create a new Stream. Now we’re going to create a Stream for a specific time and date in the future. We’ll use an ExpressPod Stream to illustrate the process but it works for other Stream types too.


  1. Visit and log in with your Insights username and password.
  2. From the menu on the left hand side, click Streams.
  3. Click on the + symbol in the green circle.
  4. Click Create next to OMBEA ExpressPod Streams.
  5. Complete the form. Notice that you can set the start and end dates and times under the What time should this question be active? section.
  6. Choose the ExpressPod(s) that you would like to contribute to this stream.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Remember to print and mount the appropriate question on your ExpressPod when the time comes around.

This process works for the past too. That’s useful in case you accidentally forgot to create, or deleted, a stream!