Learning Statement: In this article you’ll learn the key terms to describe what makes up an OMBEA audience response system.
Audience: This article is aimed at all OMBEA users.

Audience Response System

This is a system which allows you to gather and visualise audience feedback on a question you have asked them. OMBEA is an audience response system.

OMBEA Connect

OMBEA Connect is our cloud-based tool for aggregating your voting data across multiple sessions in one central location. OMBEA Connect is an optional extra with ResponsePad kits, but comes as standard with ResponseApp. You can access your OMBEA Connect account via

OMBEA Software

This is where you build your presentations and produce voting data reports. OMBEA comes with two software titles:

  1. OMBEA Response: A plugin for Microsoft PowerPoint for those of you that prefer to present within PowerPoint. OMBEA Response is available on Microsoft Windows only.
  2. OMBEA Response 360: A floating toolbar for use with anything that’s not PowerPoint, such as PDF files, online videos, or other presentation tools like Prezi and Keynote. Response 360 is available for both Windows and Mac.

There is no software CD included in your kit because that’s, like, so 1990s. Instead jump across to our main website and download the OMBEA software.

You have a site licence for both Response and Response 360 which means you can install them anywhere you like, on as many computers as you like, including at home for slide preparation.

OMBEA RemotePad

Think of this as a replacement for your remote presentation mouse. It helps you control your slides via the navigation buttons. It also features some customisable buttons to give you quick access to OMBEA features such as the ability to insert a question on the fly. The RemotePad is an optional add-on so, depending on what you purchased, you may not have this.

OMBEA ResponseApp

This is a web app that can be used instead of, or in addition to, a ResponsePad. It allows your audience to vote from any web-connected device, whether that’s an iPhone, an iPad, an iPod, a Blackberry, a laptop, anything. They vote by joining your polling session via the website [] ( (no need for a ‘www’ at the front).

OMBEA ResponseApp Login Details

To collect votes from an audience that is using ResponseApp, you will need to log in to the ResponseApp server. You do this from within the OMBEA software using a username and password. If you purchased ResponseApp you will have received an email from us containing these details. Your username is normally your email address.

OMBEA ResponseLink

This is a USB device which facilitates communication between your audience members’ ResponsePads and your computer, so that the OMBEA software can aggregate their votes.

OMBEA ResponsePad

This is the voting handset that each member of your audience will use in order to respond to your polling questions. In order to communicate with your questions, your computer needs a ResponseLink receiver.

OMBEA ResponsePad Kit

An OMBEA ResponsePad kit is a fully self-contained OMBEA audience response system containing everything you need to gather audience feedback using ResponsePads. It consists of three essential elements and two optional extras:


  • ResponseLink receiver
  • ResponsePads
  • OMBEA Software


  • RemotePad
  • Carry case

Session Data

This is the underlying data you collect when you run an audience response session with OMBEA. The data is stored by OMBEA and used to generate reports such as Excel spreadsheets and PDF files.

Session ID

When your audience members want to use ResponseApps to interact with your polling questions, they need a way of connecting to your specific questions. The key to this is a unique code, the Session ID, which they will be asked for when they go to the ResponseApp website. The Session ID is unique to you and will be either a random 6-digit number or a word you have defined before the session.