Poll with ResponseApps

Learning Statement: In this article you’ll learn how to launch the OMBEA Response 360 software once you have installed it. You’ll then learn how to connect your ResponseApps to your presentation and collect votes.
Audience: This article is aimed at all OMBEA Response 360 users.

Launch OMBEA Response 360

Windows users

Double-click on the OMBEA Response 360 icon. This will either be on your desktop or in your start menu in a folder called OMBEA Response.

Mac users

Single-click on the OMBEA Response 360 icon on your Dock. Alternativey, double-click on the OMBEA Response 360 icon in your Applications folder.

Connect your ResponseApps


Your ResponseApps communicate with your presentations via an Internet connection. The ResponseApp knows which voting session is yours by way of a unique 6 digit code, known as a Session ID, that is randomly generated each time you set up a new voting session. You may also pick a Custom Session ID. To learn how to do this, read our article on Defining a Custom Session ID through OMBEA Connect.

  1. If it’s not already visible, bring up the OMBEA Response 360 window by pressing CMD+1 on the Mac or clicking the Control Panel button on Windows. This option is also available from OMBEA Response 360’s Window menu.
  2. Click on the Response Devices button at the top of the window.
  3. In the ResponseApp section of the window, click Login.
  4. A panel opens and you should see a space for you to enter your ResponseApp username and password. You will have been sent these by email. If you have forgotten your password, click here to request a reminder.
  5. Click Login.
  6. You will see a new 6 digit Session ID.
  7. Take any web-enabled device, such as an iPhone, and launch a new internet browser window.
  8. In the web address bar, type ra.ombea.com.
  9. The ResponseApp page loads up and asks for your Session IDOMBEA ResponseApp Login Screen
  10. Type in the Session ID generated in step 5 above and click Connect.
  11. Your ResponseApp is now connected to your voting session.

When working with a live audience you can use a QR code on your screen to direct them to ra.ombea.com.

Launch Polling

OMBEA Response 360 includes a simple question window which means you don’t need a separate presentation if you don’t wish to prepare one.

  1. Click Launch on the bottom right corner of the Response 360 Control Panel.
  2. The Control Panel will disappear and be replaced by the Polling window. Your first question will appear in the central section of this window, with the Response counter beneath it.
  3. Bring up the OMBEA question window by pressing CMD+3 on the Mac. This option is also available from OMBEA Response 360’s Window menu.
  4. When you are ready to poll your audience, hit the Play button on OMBEA’s Polling Window and invite your audience to vote using their ResponsePads or ResponseApp devices. Your question and answer options will still be visible, and the Response 360 Polling Window will be laid over it. As the votes come in, the Response Counter* will rise to indicate the votes coming in. OMBEA Response 360 Pollbar
  5. When you are satisfied that you have enough votes, close polling by pressing the Stop button on the Polling Window.
  6. OMBEA’s Results Window will appear with a chart summarising the votes. If it does not, bring it up by pressing the Chart button on the Polling Window. You can resize and reposition the chart window as appropriate. OMBEA Response 360 Results Window
  7. When you are ready to poll the next question, repeat steps 6 - 8 above. Response 360 will automatically use the next question from your list. If you wish to choose a different question within the Polling Window, simply click on the question in the centre of the window to bring up a list of the questions from your list.
  8. When you have finished presenting, remember to save your data. With OMBEA Response 360 simply save your session from the File menu or the Save button on the Response 360 Control Panel. Your presentation will be saved an an ‘ORTS’ file containing both the question list and the voting data. To learn more about saving data and OMBEA’s file types, click here.

If you need to remind audience members of your ResponseApp Session ID midway through your presentation, click the Control Panel button on the Polling window, and click Show Connection Info.

OMBEA Response 360’s chart window is transparent which means it can sit atop another presentation tool and appear to work seamlessly. You’ll find a detailed guide here.