Common Admin Tasks

Learning Statement: In this article you’ll learn how to perform common administrative tasks as an OMBEA Connect Site Administrator or Super-Presenter.
Audience: This article is aimed at OMBEA Connect Administrators.

Installing your OMBEA Connect Site

  • The Initial Site Administrator will have received an email from us directing them to the Site Setup Wizard.
  • The Site Setup Wizard will take the administrator through a series of steps. It is useful to have the following information to hand:
  1. What will you Site Branch Label be? This is the name given to different divisions within your organisation, e.g. ‘School’, ‘Faculty’, ’Department’, etc. Dividing your entire site into branches is helpful for monitoring and controlling usage by department.
  2. What specific Branches will you set up at this stage? For example, these might be ‘School of Maths’, ‘School of Chemistry’, etc. Admin users can add more site branches at any time.
  3. What ResponseApp limits will you set in place, if any, for each Branch? This is helpful in terms of controlling usage of a limited ResponseApp licence across a site. If you have a ResponseApp Site licence then applying limitations is not necessary.

Creating a new Site Branch Label

  1. Log in to OMBEA Connect as an administrator via 
  2. Click Site Configuration on the left hand side.
  3. Click Add School under the list of Site Branches.
  4. Enter a name for the new Site Branch.
  5. Click OK.

Creating an Individual Administrator, Super-Presenter, or Presenter Account


You set up a presenter account in two stages. First, you create the user accounts and set their access levels. The second stage is to activate these accounts. During this stage the user will receive a welcome email with their username and password. You can activate as few or as many account as you wish which means you can phase the activation as appropriate for your establishment.

Stage 1: Create the Account

  1. Log in to OMBEA Connect as an administrator via 
  2. Click User Admin on the left hand side.
  3. Click Add Site User in the bottom right.
  4. Enter the user’s first name, last name, and email address.
  5. Use the tick boxes below to designate whether they are a Presenter (and therefore what kind), or an Administrator, or both.
  6. Click OK.

Stage 2: Invite the Presenter

  1. This is done by sending a welcome email.
  2. On the User Admin tab select the users you wish to invite via the tick boxes to the left of each one.
  3. Click Send Connect Welcome Email.
  4. These users will be sent a welcome email with a randomly generated password.

Creating Administrator, Super-Presenter, Presenter, or Particpant Accounts via a bulk upload


We can bulk upload Presenter or Participant account details via OMBEA Connect so that they may be created more quickly. This process requires the user account data in an XML file following a specific schema.

If we create accounts in this way, OMBEA Connect skips the two-step verification normally used at this stage and participant accounts are immediately activated and invited. Presenter accounts created this way do not necessarily get invited immediately, depending on your settings within the XML file.

Stage 1: Create the XML file

  1. The XML schema you need is available here. We also have some example XML files available here:
    Example 1 - User list with presenters
    Example 2 - User list with participants
    Example 3 - User list with super presenters
    Example 4 - User list with participants with default ResponsePad Device IDs
  2. The XML file must be encoded with UTF-8 encoding. 
  3. The XML schema enforces certain rules, all of which are explained within the schema. In addition to these rules please note the following:
  4. At most 2000 user accounts may created from one single Connect User List file.
  5. All created users must have at least one role (Presenter, SiteAdmin or Participant).
  6. Participants must be automatically sent a welcome email when the account has been created and hence the “SendWelcomeEmail” element value must be set to true for User elements containing the “Participant” role element.
  7. Unlike Presenters and Site Administrators the created Participant user accounts created are not visible in the User Admin tab of OMBEA Connect.
  8. Participants may not have any other role other than the Participant role (i.e., a User element containing the Participant role element must not have also have the Presenter or SiteAdmin role elements).
  9. A DefaultResponsePadDeviceID may optionally be specified for a created participant account. If specified the ResponsePad Device ID field in the the dialog shown to the participant when enrolling on a course is automatically filled with the specified value when the participant enrolls on a course for the first time.
  10. Presenters must have at least one module enabled. I.e, The Presenter role element must contain either the Connect element, the ResponseApp element or both.
  11. If a Site Branch is specified for the presenter (optional), it must be an existing site branch. The site administrator must first create the site branch on the Site Configuration page. 
  12. The ConnectUserListVersion attibute must be specified with value 1.0.
  13. The XML schema namespace must be specified in the XML file. For example:
    <ConnectUserList xmlns=”” xmlns:xsi=”” ConnectUserListVersion=”1.0”>

Stage 2: Upload the XML file

  1. Log in to OMBEA Connect as an administrator via 
  2. Click User Admin on the left hand side.
  3. Click Import in the bottom right.
  4. Follow the instructions to browse to the XML file you created earlier.
  5. OMBEA Connect will read your XML file. If it is in the correct format you will receive a confirmation screen summarising the numbers and types of user accounts you have are about to create. Check this information is correct because there is no ‘Undo’ feature after this step.
  6. If you are happy, click Confirm.

Stage 3: Invite the Presenters (not needed for participant accounts)

  1. This is done by sending a Welcome Email.
  2. On the User Admin select the users you wish to activate via the tick boxes to the left of each one.
  3. Click Send Connect Welcome Email.
  4. These users will be sent a welcome email with a randomly generated password.

Changing a password (a user can only do this for their own password)

  1. Log in to OMBEA Connect via
  2. Click My Account on the left.
  3. Click Change Password.
  4. Follow the instructions on screen.

Requesting a Password Reset

  1. Visit
  2. Click Forgot Password.
  3. Follow the instructions on screen.