Custom Session IDs

Learning Statement: In this article you’ll learn how to set a Custom Session ID in OMBEA Connect.
Audience: This article is aimed at OMBEA ResponseApp users.


Your ResponseApps communicate with your presentations via an Internet connection. The ResponseApp knows which voting session is yours by way of a unique 6 digit code, known as a Session ID, that is randomly generated each time you set up a new voting session. You may also pick a custom Session ID which can be a word or acronym that is more meaningful, and therefore easier to use, for participants.

Defining a Custom Session ID

  1. Log in to OMBEA Connect
  2. Click My Account on the left hand side.
  3. Under ResponseApp click Change.
  4. Enter a new Custom Session ID.
  5. Click OK.

Using a Custom Session ID

  1. On the OMBEA Response ribbon, click the ResponseApp button.
  2. A panel opens and you should see a space for you to enter your ResponseApp username and password. You will have been sent these by email. If you have forgotten your password, click here to request a reminder.
  3. Under Session Options change the setting from Random Session ID to Custom Session ID.
  4. Click Login.