Named Participants

Learning Statement: In this article you’ll learn how to assign ResponsePads or ResponseApps to named individuals.
Audience: This article is aimed at all OMBEA Response 360 users.


When using OMBEA you can interrogate voting data with reports at three different levels of detail:

  1. Reports that show your audience as a whole.
  2. Reports that segment your audience into sub-groups. Examples include reporting by gender, job title, length of service, or anything else that suits your needs.
  3. Reports that show individual responses by audience member.

For option 3 to work, every voting handset, whether it is a ResponsePad or a ResponseApp, is given a unique serial number, or Device ID. You can assign individual names to these Device IDs using OMBEA’s Participant List feature.

In summary then, a Participant List is a list of participant names matched to handset Device ID.

If you are using ResponseApp you have the further option of inviting participants to enter their own names as they log into vote on your session.

Build a Participant List

  1. On the OMBEA Response 360 Control Panel click Participants.
  2. The Participant Settings dialogue appears.
  3. At the top of the dialogue click Add Participant.
  4. A new row appears in the main window.
  5. You do not need to type in the Device ID. You can have OMBEA auto-fill this column simply by pressing a button on any ResponsePad in each row.
  6. Type in the last and first names of the individuals in your group.
  7. The Participant List is now an integral part of your voting session data.
  8. If you wish to save the Participant list as a separate file so you can add it to other voting sessions, click Save to File at the top of the Participant Settings window.

Add a Participant List already saved from another session (Optional)


If you already have a participant list in another session which you have saved, you can add it to your current session rather than rebuild the list. You can also use this method to attach lists you have downloaded from OMBEA Connect class rosters.

  1. On the OMBEA Response 360 Control Panel click Participants.
  2. The Participant Settings dialogue appears.
  3. At the top of the dialogue click Add Participant List.
  4. Browse to the Participant list file you saved earlier. Select it and click Open.
  5. The list has now become an integral part of your voting session data. 

Label the back of the ResponsePad with the row number in the Participant List or with the individual’s name to make life easier when it comes to distributing handsets.

You can copy and paste a list of names from an Excel spreadsheet or other similar list to make this task quicker.

Advanced Participant Options with ResponseApp


With ResponseApp you do not need to prepare a Participant List in advance. Here’s why:

When a participant wishes to join the voting session they visit They are prompted for a Session ID. They enter this and click Join. At this point, the process goes in one of three ways, depending on the presenter’s settings for any given session.

  1. If the presenter has set OMBEA to allow participants to join without entering their credentials, the participants will now be connected. This is the simplest method but does not allow for participant performance and attendance tracking.
  2. If the presenter has set OMBEA to ask for the participant’s name, the participant will be prompted for this. They enter their first and last name and then click Continue. This is the default method but only allows performance and attendance tracking by name.
  3. If the presenter has set OMBEA to ask for full login credentials, the participant will be prompted to log in to their ‘OMBEA Connect’ account. This method requires preparation in advance, such as the creation of participant accounts. However it is designed specifically for enterprise use such as in universities and allows full performance and attendance tracking by individual.

To set OMBEA to one of these three options:

  1. On the OMBEA Response 360 Control Panel, click the ResponseApp button.
  2. A panel opens and you should see a space for you to enter your ResponseApp username and password. You will have been sent these by email. If you have forgotten your password, visit and click the forgotten password link to request a reminder.
  3. Beneath this, in the Participant Reporting Options panel, select Connect login not required, or Prompt for participant information, or Connect login required depending on your preference.
  4. Click Login.
  5. Participants jointing your session will now follow one of the three experience described in the background section above.