Advanced Data Merging

Learning Statement: In this article you’ll learn how to merge session files from different voting sessions.
Audience: This article is aimed at OMBEA Response users.


Sometimes you will want to ask the same voting questions to different groups of people at different times through a day, month or even a year. OMBEA offers the facility to merge the resulting data into one big session file so that you can produce reports as if all the participants voted in the same session at the same time as each other. The session merge feature also works to merge sessions where the same participants answered different questions from one session to the next.

  1. The first type of merge is called a ‘Merge by Question’, i.e. you asked the same questions to different groups.
  2. The second type is called a ‘Merge by Participant’, i.e. you asked different questions to the same participants.

Stage 1: Merge your session files

  1. On the OMBEA Response ribbon, select Manage Sessions and then Merge.
  2. The Merge panel appears.
  3. Click Add Session and select one of the session files you wish to merge. Repeat this step for all the remaining session files.
  4. Below the list of session files, make sure you have selected the appropriate option between Merge by Question and Merge by Participant.
  5. Click Merge and give your new session file a name.

When merging by question OMBEA only takes the last poll result of any given question. Bear this in mind if you happen to repeal a question during one of the sessions that you will later feed into a merged session file.

Stage 2: Run Reports from your Merged file

  1. Load your newly merged file as you would any other OMBEA .ORS file.
  2. When you run reports from the OMBEA Response ribbon, you will notice that the data from all of the contributing sessions has been combined.

When you open your merged file to generate reports you will see a set of PowerPoint slides from one of the sessions that fed into the merge. The specific PowerPoint slides included come from whichever session you chose as the Master while you were merging the files.