Run on The Fly

Learning Statement: In this article you’ll learn how to run OMBEA Response on the fly.
Audience: This article is aimed at all OMBEA users.


When using OMBEA you will often prepare your polling questions in advance. The ability to add questions on the fly means that you can deal with audience questions and debates as they arise, with minimal disruption to your presentation.

Run OMBEA Response on the fly (optional)

  1. This section assumes you have a presentation with at least one slide in it, and that you are currently in ‘presentation mode’. This slide may or may not be a polling slide.
  2. At the point at which you wish to insert a question on the fly, press F9 on your computer keyboard.
  3. In the dialogue box that appears, type your question in the space under the word ‘Question’.
  4. Now type your answer options in the space under the word ‘Answers’. Add each answer option on a new line. There is no need to add bullet points or numbering since OMBEA will take care of this automatically.
  5. If you wish to deviate from the standard chart type, select your chart preference in the dropdown box underneath the Answers box.
  6. Click Insert.