Tracking Live Results

Learning Statement: In this guide you’ll learn how to use the Result Monitor in OMBEA Response.
Audience: This article is aimed at OMBEA Response users.


When running a live OMBEA session you can check through previously run votes as well as see the current vote before you close polling. You may want to do this because:

  1. You want to see who has yet to vote, and who has finished.
  2. You want to check individual responses to a given question without escaping away from your presentation.
  3. You want to know how long participants are taking to vote.

OMBEA Response features a tool known as the Result Monitor. The Result Monitor is divided into three sections:

  1. Questions: Shows the questions that have been polled, as well as the current question if polling is open.
  2. Results: Shows the overall results of the selected question.
  3. Participant Data: Shows all the participants in the session participant list and their respective response (if any) to the selected question.

Tip: If you run the Result Monitor on a second desktop you can monitor individual and group progress as you run through your presentation.


  1. Launch the Result Monitor at any time during your presentation by pressing F12.
  2. Select a question in the top pane, titled Questions.
  3. The middle pane, Result, will show the overall results of the selected question.
  4. The bottom pane, Participant Data, will show the Device IDs or last name and first name (if specified) and response to the selected question from each participant in the session participant list.

Tip: If you wish to see who has yet to respond to your question you can simply select the current question in the top pane and then sort by the Answer column. This will display participants that have yet to vote, first.