Our Story

We’ve always known that live group feedback, while difficult to achieve, has great transformative power. One day in 2009 we figured out how to simplify it, and that’s why we formed the OMBEA.

What emerged that year was our first product, OMBEA Response. It’s an audience response system for Microsoft PowerPoint. It brings presentations to life in amazing ways, and has delighted teachers and presenters all over the world. Through a perfect balance of simplicty and depth, it continues to enhance teaching and training to this day.

Along the journey we met a new group of customers. They were mainly marketing professionals or HR managers, working with focus groups for more detailed insights. They were using OMBEA Response to quantify the feedback.

We wondered how we could improve our tools to help them. We wondered how we could make it easy to get more feedback than traditional surveys would provide and focus groups could provide. After all, the more data they had, the more confident they could be when making decisions. We were excited by the possibilities! We set to work building a better solution for them.

Two years (and thousands of cups of coffee) later, OMBEA Insights came to life as a convenient way of capturing customer and employee feedback 24/7/365.

Our offices around the world

United Kingdom / Global

Phone: +44 (0)345 371 8510
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PO Box 232
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Phone: +46 (0)8 572 390 10
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Torbjörn Klockares g. 14
113 63 Stockholm
VAT: SE556844993701
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South Africa

Phone: +27 (0) 86 111 4194
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