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Satisfaction scores, quantified.

OMBEA ExpressPod turns real-time feedback into a single KPI for you to track.

By placing the ExpressPods at key locations you'll benefit from an ongoing stream of feedback, neatly summarised by location and time.

1 Measure

Place ExpressPods at key locations to poll people as they pass. Ask them how they feel or what they think.

2 Understand

Analyse the feedback in real-time or via scheduled reports. Compare locations and times for more precise insights.

3 Act

Focus your resources on fixing weaker areas, while sharing the lessons from stronger ones.

Scroll down and we'll show you why OMBEA ExpressPod is smarter, easier and more powerful.

A smarter way to gather feedback.

With such a simple and approachable design, ExpressPods are the smarter way to get higher response rates than onsite tablets or post-experience surveys.

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Smarter Locations

ExpressPod's portable design means you can poll on-location. This means that feedback will always be fresh, relevant and in context.

Higher response rates

Portable design

Smart misuse protection

Smarter Questions

ExpressPods are prepared for multiple-choice as well as smiley questions. And since the question is so easy to change, you can be as spontaneous as you like.

Multiple-choice questions

Smiley questions

Easy question changes

Easier Conclusions Every Day

Since ExpressPods are quick to setup and require no maintenance, they make your life much easier, no matter how many you have and how widely they're spread.

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One Single KPI

All your ExpressPods feed into the reporting dashboard. Here, you'll see real-time feedback summarised by location and time, all wrapped up in a single KPI of your choice. Whether you choose NPS or Insights Index, you're a click away from easy visual clarity.

NPS and Insights Index

Identify weak locations

Pinpoint difficult times

More powerful insights are waiting

ExpressPod is a part of the OMBEA Insights™ family. This is a suite of tools that works tirelessly to help you measure, understand and act on a constant stream of incoming feedback.

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Room for growth

QuickSurvey is a location-specific survey tool that helps you understand the 'why' of the feedback you receive.

And then there's ActionPad; a staff handset that helps them turn your new ideas into old habits, so you can move on to the next initiative sooner.

When used together, these straightforward tools reveal the real transformative power of OMBEA Insights!

Frictionless Feedback

ExpressPod's simple design gets people voting without breaking their stride. This means larger volumes of feedback and more reliable insights.

Time and Place Comparisons

Organise your ExpressPods by location to analyse performance between sites. Visualise feedback on a timeline to spot holes during the day, week or year.

Industry-Standard Benchmarking

ExpressPod results can be presented as NPS or Insights Index, which means you and your colleagues will be crystal clear on what they mean.

Flexible Question Types

ExpressPods can handle both smiley and multiple-choice questions, which means you can build up feedback any way you like.

The Bigger, The Better

The more ExpressPods you have, the more powerful OMBEA Insights becomes. Use them at every touchpoint and every location for maximum impact.

Truly Actionable Insights

ExpressPods are just the starting point. Combine them with QuickSurvey and ActionPads to get the complete picture. Accept no compromises!

You're in good company.

We're trusted by innovative brands from across the world trust when it comes to customer insights, employee engagement, teaching and training.

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Now let’s talk about the technology.

OMBEA ExpressPod™

A free-standing kiosk featuring five buttons and a question for quick measurements.

OMBEA QuickSurvey™

Location-based mobile surveys for deeper understanding.

OMBEA ActionPad™

Stay on top of improvement plans by tracking staff actions.

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