A gym in Sweden uses OMBEA ExpressPods to create better personalized experiences for their female in male customers. In addition, they track NPS and employee engagment level.


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Friendly Fitness is a gym located on the first floor of a newly-built apartment complex in Stockholm’s Sundbyberg neighbourhood. The gym is popular with residents and commuters alike due to its proximity to a main line tram station.

Elliot Grönberg is the CEO of Friendly Fitness. He explained that "despite our success so far, we are operating in a highly competitive industry. If we don't understand member needs, our members can easily switch to any one of the new gyms that seem to be popping up on every corner now."

To ensure member satisfaction remains high, Friendly Fitness decided to collect feedback. After careful consideration they identified three crucial aspects of their service:

  1. Cleanliness: Especially in the changing and shower areas;

  2. Friendliness: They have a name to live up to after all, and exceptional support is at the core of their brand;

  3. Likelihood of recommendations: The gym's growth has primarily been through word of mouth between members. Measuring the likelihood of current members bringing in new recruits is critical.

The challenge now was to find the proper tools to implement these ideas. The management team ruled out paper and online surveys because these suffer from low response rates. Furthermore, they only every reveal a snapshot, whereas the gym's success depended on an ongoing feedback cycle.


Grönberg had noticed numerous passenger feedback kiosks at Changi Airport in Singapore. After a quick web search, he discovered OMBEA. OMBEA is a Swedish company that provides such feedback terminals across a wide range of industries globally.

OMBEA's customer success experts knew exactly how to help Grönberg and his team. Together they devised a plan to cover all three crucial feedback factors on an ongoing basis, and in real-time! Crucial to the plan was OMBEA's 'ExpressPod'. This device allows customers to rate an aspect of their service on a 5-point scale, using emojis to express their view.

Friendly Fitness set an ExpressPod on a floor stand near the entrance to the changing rooms. This ExpressPod asked members to rate staff friendliness on their way past reception towards the gym floor.

Further wall-mounted ExpressPods were chosen for the changing rooms. They placed one at the exit to each of the male and female changing areas, where members would be most likely to see them. These ExpressPods asked about the cleanliness of the changing facilities.

And finally, they placed one last ExpressPod at the building's exit, this time asking members to express how likely they were to recommend Friendly Fitness to their friends.


Measuring feedback at each touchpoint proved to be extremely valuable and resulted in real customer experience improvements. For example, the managers noticed that female members demanded a higher standard of cleanliness when compared with male customers. They saw that, while most females weren't dissatisfied, fewer of them were completely satisfied when compared with the males. Rather than just increase the cleaning schedules, Grönberg and his team focused on the female rooms. Amongst other things they added more towels and used a luxury fragrance to improve the ambience. It worked really well! Grönberg explains: "There was an increase in 'extremely satisfied' of about 17%, and a corresponding rise in the likelihood that people would recommend us to their friends!"

In other areas, the ExpressPod surveying staff friendliness was not really helping them improve. By and large, everyone was satisfied or extremely satisfied, so Friendly Fitness changed their approach. Grönberg explains: "We hit upon the idea of using that ExpressPod to measure the mood of our staff. One improvement I remember was that we discovered employees were more stressed on Thursday evenings between 5 and 7 PM. There are lots of concurrent classes on the timetable at this time so it makes sense. We changed the schedules, added some staff perks such as free fruit, and everything was okay again."

Overall Elliot Grönberg has been delighted with his decision to use OMBEA ExpressPods. They are a breeze to work with, and the real-time data continues to help them improve member and employee experience every day.

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