Get More Link Stream Feedback

Learning Statement: In this article you will get some ideas on how to increase the volume of feedback you receive through your Link Streams.
Audience: This article is aimed at all OMBEA Anywhere Module users.


Before you decided where to place your Link, you should consider what it will look like. In this article we will therefore look at appearance first, and then placement.

  1. Appearance
  2. Placement


Your Link is a web address and looks something like this: If you have used Link Stream shortcuts then you might have several options, such as:


Now let’s look at the options for how your Link could look. Remember that you’re not limited to just one of these; you can of course mix and match all three methods.

  1. If you are sharing it in a document, you can simply display it as is as a direct link, wherever you want people to see it.
  2. You could turn it into a QR code. Creating a QR code is easy and there are several free online tools you can use.
  3. If you are sharing the Link in a digital document, such as an email, then you can make it a hyperlink from an image. When people click on the image, they will be taken to your questions.

Adding a hyperlink to an image, whether in a document or an email, is very simple. Usually, you will be able to right-click on the image and you’ll see an option to Insert Link. You can also select the image and hold down CTRL+K (CMD+K on a Mac).

There you have it, those are your three options.


The best place to share your Link will depend on your aims as well as your customer or employee journey. If you haven’t already done so, you should use our Goal Planner to figure this out.

Below are some ideas that our most successful customers use:

  • In a message. This could be in your emails, SMS, Whatsapp, newsletters, or any type of message you send.
  • On documents. Depending on the nature of your business, this could be on till receipts, menus, in customer quotes, on delivery documents, and more.
  • In your email signature. This works particularly well with a hyperlinked image of some smiley buttons.
  • On the walls. Place QR codes in prominent places on walls around your building.
  • On the floors. Print QR codes on the floor where people stand or queue, such is by changing rooms or in a checkout queue.
  • On furniture. Put QR codes on tables, work desks, menu holders, reception desks, and anywhere else that is in the eyeline of people who are sat for a while.
  • On your ExpressPods. If you use ExpressPods, place a QR code on the question sheet to invite follow-up feedback.

QR Codes on the floor of a supermarket

You can make QR codes more robust by having them printed on vinyl stickers. With the trend towards social distance markings, consider making them a part of your distance markers on the floor.

Places to Avoid

There are some places where it would be unproductive or even dangerous to advertise your Link stream.

  • Fast-moving areas. Don’t expect much feedback from places where people are looking to get through quickly. Examples include exit doors, especially on vehicles like buses and trains.
  • Areas with another purpose. If you need people to concentrate on something else, don’t distract them with a Link. Examples of such places include self-check desks (they’ll be busy checking in), directly at a till (they’ll be busy paying), or at a car park barrier (they’ll be busy driving).
  • Dangerous areas. Don’t distract people that need to focus on staying safe, such as near some steps or on an escalator.