What is OMBEA Insights?

Learning Statement: In this article you’ll learn what OMBEA Insights is all about. You’ll also learn the key terms involved in setting up your OMBEA Insights platform.
Audience: This article is aimed at all OMBEA Insights users.

The Basic Idea

OMBEA Insights is a family of products that helps you collect and understand feedback from people as they go about their daily lives.

In simple terms: You place one or more feedback collectors, such as ExpressPods or Web Widgets, at touchpoints for people to express their opinions. The feedback is aggregated and presented as charts and actionable insights in your OMBEA Insights dashboard.

Collecting the feedback

OMBEA ExpressPod

A free-standing kiosk featuring five buttons and a multiple-choice question. You place one or more ExpressPods in highly visible locations. As people pass they will press one of the five buttons to express their opinion.


A location-aware mobile survey. When people visit your Link on their smartphones, it uses their location to determine where they are and therefore which questions to ask them.

OMBEA ActionPad

A portable action tracker for your staff. You define important actions and whenever a staff member completes one of these, they push a button. All the button pushes are mapped alongside customer feedback to help you understand the impact of staff behavior on customer satisfaction.

Viewing the feedback

If you have a username and password then you can access the dashboard via https://insights.ombea.com/. Once you are logged in, it will look something like this:

OMBEA Insights Dashboard