A Simple Upgrade for Tired Training Courses

November 3rd, 2016

Delegates on training courses have ever-higher expectations from your presentation. At the same time, you need to make a big impact with your delivery. And we’re willing to bet you’d prefer this without the tortuous process of coming up with fresh ideas all the time! So how do you provide your audience with genuinely engaging, thought-provoking content, with minimum difficulty on your part? However well you might structure your presentations, there are few ways to ensure this result.

Introducing the OMBEA Audience Response System

Our audience response system takes away this uncertainty. OMBEA Response adds real-time polling to your PowerPoint presentation, adding audience engagement on the fly. The practicalities of the OMBEA audience response system far surpass those of traditional participation techniques.

A Better Way to Start the Day

Imagine starting your training course without realizing that your content is beyond the grasp of some delegates. It’s not an uncommon scene because it’s hard to know the detailed background of every single delegate. You could ask them verbally, but individuals will rarely identify themselves as being confused or lacking knowledge. And that’s a problem for you because if you start the day badly, it’s unlikely to get better.

Now imagine starting off by polling every delegate, quickly and anonymously, on their background knowledge. This is what OMBEA Response does. By displaying live insights into delegates’ genuine thoughts and opinions, you can adjust your delivery accordingly.

A Better Way to Engage in Dialogue

As you go through your course, engaging the audience in direct dialogue helps you modify your approach and content to suit. Again, there is no practical way to get honest thoughts from every individual but by engaging trainees through OMBEA polling questions, you will achieve a faster two-way transfer of knowledge; your training content to them and their levels of confidence (or not) back to you.

A Faster Way to Gather Feedback

As your training course comes to a close, you have the inevitable job of gathering detailed feedback from each delegate. If you’re using OMBEA then you can ditch the paper and pen feedback forms, with all the associated data entry and admin required. This is because OMBEA’s allows you to aggregate the feedback from all delegates and quickly generate Excel spreadsheets for sharing with other interested parties. In cases like this, you won’t want to display the live results for each poll, and OMBEA makes this very simple to achieve.

Wrapping it Up

OMBEA can play an effective role at every stage of your training course. It all comes down to a simple premise: The more deeply you understand your delegates’ changing needs, the more likely you are to meet them, and the more likely you are to be invited back.

You can rent OMBEA for a one-off event or purchase it outright, depending on your needs. Either way, it’s amazingly simple to get started and the first step is to check us out at www.ombea.com.

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