The role of audience response systems in Customer Experience (CX) improvement

Customer experience (CX) is becoming a fervent source of focus for businesses, with Econsultancy’s latest Digital Marketing Trends report revealing that CX was the “single most exciting opportunity” of 2015. The fact that it not only won but beat both content marketing and mobile marketing definitely says something about its relevance.

So why does CX matter? Here’s five reasons why no matter what your niche, sourcing customer feedback should be a top priority.

  • According to customer satisfaction expert Ruby Newell-Legner, businesses hear from just 4% of their unsatisfied customers. Meanwhile, 96% of unsatisfied customers don’t voice complaints, with 91% of these simply never returning.
  • In 2011, American Express revealed that 78% of customers bail on a transaction or fail to make an intended purchase, simply because of a poor service experience.
  • The White House Office of Consumer Affairs asserts that news of a negative customer experience reach 50% more ears than a positive experience. Basically, bad news spreads fast!
  • While 80% of companies believe they offer a ‘superior’ customer service experience, just 8% of customers have actually experienced this superiority.
  • Customers value a superlative experience, with Harris Interactive’s Customer Experience Impact Report confirming that almost nine out of 10 consumers would pay more to ensure superior CX.

Understanding the importance of customer feedback is one thing, but actually sourcing feedback in a bid to improve CX is where the real magic happens.

So how can you delve deep into the experiences of your customers, and use feedback to up your game? With Ombea, sourcing feedback via planned customer focus groups is not just possible, but fun, interactive and engaging.

So how does it work? Ask any accomplished public speaker, and they’ll assert that the ability to read and react to an audience is a core element of success. Actively recognising, interpreting and responding to the behaviour of an audience is a fundamental skill. But what if the speaker could actually engage and source genuine feedback from their focus group audience, as they deliver a presentation? Cue Ombea, an intelligent audience response system designed to empower speakers with audience insight, as presentations unfold.

Engineered to complement Microsoft PowerPoint, Ombea allows creators to embed questions within slides. As the presentation progresses audiences are prompted to answer these questions using purpose built handsets, or their own handheld devices. As opinions are unveiled, Ombea publicly charts results on the PowerPoint slide. From traditional charts to imaginative word clouds, results are condensed into digestible, meaningful content. So, whether presenting to a focus group of 10 people or 2,000, Ombea is a unique and extremely effective way to source feedback, and share it with an audience instantaneously. Post presentation, results can be used to generate in-depth excel spreadsheets which can be used to conduct further analysis.

While traditionally Ombea is used within university, corporate training and company conference applications, it’s rapidly emerging as a hugely powerful customer feedback tool. Not only does it bring fun and interactivity to the audience experience, but it unlocks access to precious CX insight. And from a B2C perspective, this is an immensely valuable tool.

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