You have a real-time business. Why not a real-time staff survey?

October 6th, 2017

HR Managers have a bad habit of conducting annual staff surveys and assuming they’re a reasonable way of understanding people.

They aren’t. The problem is that when you poll people so infrequently, you disregard the fact that they are people. Their moods and opinions can change daily. They are heavily influenced by their environment, their colleagues, their health, their home life, and so much more. To measure them just once a year is to ignore all of that.

There’s another problem too. When you run an annual survey it becomes bloated because you shoehorn in every question you can think of.

It’s like you’re overcompensating for a year-long hiatus by making sure the results look BIG. Look at all those data tables! So many tables! (Never mind the fact that you’ve produced an overwhelming dataset. Or that it still only represents how people felt at just one moment in the whole year).

And this leads on to a third problem: Cynicism. If you run a huge survey just once a year, your people become jaded and cynical about the point of it all. There’s too much to take on board, and if they can’t see the impact quickly, then what’s the point of it all anyway?

But we know all that! That’s why we run quarterly pulse surveys!

Go back and read the first section, but swap the word ‘annual’ for ‘quarterly’.

Done? Good. Let’s move on.

It’s an easy fix: Flip it around

Instead of asking loads of questions once a year, ask just one question all year round.

Imagine for a second that you could poll your workforce every single day, maybe even multiple times each day. Imagine you could see clearly presented results more or less immediately. Imagine you had the agility to ask new questions whenever you like.

If you had all these things, your staff survey would be as real-time as everything else in your business.

There are various ways you could achieve this. Our take on it is the OMBEA Insights dashboard, using OMBEA ExpressPods.

OMBEA ExpressPod

The ExpressPod is a smiley-face feedback pod. It features a single, simple question, such as, "How is your day?"

People use one of the five emoji-themed buttons, from happy through to sad, to express their answer. Being so simple, people can vote without breaking their stride which means you’ll get more data. You can place as many ExpressPods as you want around your premises, and you can change the question as often as you wish.

ExpressPod results are fed to a central dashboard where they are presented as clear charts ready for you to act on. Think of it as a living version of your staff survey, with new results every hour.

Every hour?! How will we cope?

Don’t worry, it’s not your full, 500-question staff survey every hour. It’s a simplified, clarified set of insights which means it’s way easier to focus and act. Trust us, you’ll cope.


OMBEA provides leading solutions for capturing and analyzing real-time feedback. Governments, Fortune 100 corporations and top-rated universities across the globe use our solutions to visualize feedback, generate insight, and make evidence-based decisions. This helps them make their students smarter, their customers happier and their employees more engaged.

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