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Buzz Burgers is a fast food restaurant chain that uses both the Ombea On-Site and Anywhere Modules. They use these tools to collect real-time feedback in order to assess customer satisfaction across multiple touchpoints. Using Ombea, Buzz Burgers completely replaced their ad-hoc, impractical email surveys. Instead, they created a continuous feedback loop covering its facilities' cleanliness, customer satisfaction, and delivery experience in real-time.


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As competition intensified, Buzz Burgers decided to shift its strategy from being customer-centric to customer-obsessed. They needed to rethink how they worked with the Voice of the Customer, which previously relied on occasional email surveys sent out to their newsletter subscribers.

There were several problems with these email surveys. First, no-one was filling them out. While anecdotal evidence gave management several clues about the food quality and facilities issues, it was not enough to justify any strategic decisions. Second, the email surveys revealed problems long after they happened. And finally, most of the responses came from disgruntled customers, making it impossible to understand the positive aspects of the customer experience.


Buzz Burgers' customer insights manager first discovered Ombea while looking to install feedback terminals to capture cleanliness feedback. After a quick chat with Ombea's experts, it became clear that Ombea could help modernize their entire Voice of the Customer program.

Several continuous feedback streams were created: Ombea ExpressPods were used to monitor the cleanliness of the premises. The Anywhere module QR codes were printed on the food packaging to measure customer satisfaction with the food. Link surveys were being sent out to customers that ordered home deliveries.

Finally, the Ombea Insights dashboard was used to record and monitor feedback in-real time.

QR Code Survey In Hamburger Box


Higher response rates: the response rates shot up, from 1.78% of the newsletter subscribers answering the survey, to 24% of the total footfall leaving feedback every day.

Continuous feedback loop: since introducing Ombea, the feedback has been continuously flowing in, making it easy to track and use for strategic decision making.

Motivated staff: all locations received lots of positive feedback that employees were not aware of, motivating them and keeping the spirits high.

Clear KPIs to work with: Ombea Insights provides transparent KPIs for the customer insights managers to follow, including NPS® and the Insights index.

Feedback Terminal with a Custom Design

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