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Fairview Dining is an outsourced catering company that uses Ombea ExpressPods at multiple locations. The company makes use of the data to rack the ebb and flow of customer experience in real-time.


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Fairview Dining is more than an outsourced catering company. Run by a group of motivated and passionate foodies, they endeavour to create an environment where people can enjoy any one of the fresh, seasonal beautifully presented food choices they offer.

Today, the company is present in 30 venues across the UK, from Film Studios and Media Companies to Law Firms and Banks.

One of their clients is a motorsports team based in Oxfordshire in the UK. From the outset, the team was keen that Fairview Dining would capture a quantitative measure of customer satisfaction. This would enable meaningful and regular appraisals of service quality, all backed by concrete data. The client and Fairview had already ruled out traditional surveys as a feedback source since most of the 800 engineers on site have little or no access to a computer.


After some research, Fairview Dining concluded that an Ombea ExpressPods was the right way forward. They placed one onsite at the motorsport team’s canteen.

After a one-minute installation, diners could express their opinions about the food and service with a simple button tap at any point they wanted to through the day. The Ombea dashboard collated these data points into a single ‘Insights Index’. This is a number between 1 and 100 that helps the organisation track the ebb and flow of customer experience.

Since the menu changes from breakfast to dinner five times a week, ceded to analyse diner experience data by date and time. Fortunately, with Ombea Insights, this can is very simple! All reports are visual and easy to share too.


Fairview Dining has been extremely pleased with the results. We caught up with the Operations Manager and she told us that "it's been really useful. The ExpressPod has given us data that we can't get anywhere else! The hour-by-hour feedback from the dashboard tells me where to focus on improvements. If I see a dip in feedback at a particular time, it's an opportunity to learn how to improve. I plan an unannounced visit to the site at that time to ask the diners what they think of us and how we could improve. Even before I turn up I know I'll get good ideas because of the clues in the Insights dashboard".

She went on to give an example of the evening service at the motorsport team’s canteen. "We saw negative feedback from the dashboard about the service between 5 pm and 6 pm. I focussed my attention there and it became obvious, from speaking to the diners, that they wanted a different style of food at that time of day. We'd been providing snack food and they wanted more hearty meals. It was a simple fix for us and the proof was right there in the Insights dashboard with an uplift in positive feedback! Without the ExpressPod we might never have isolated the evening diners as an area for improvement."

Since their first ExpressPod, the Fairview Dining have been so impressed that they've introduced Ombea Insights to a wider range of their sites, ranging from cosmetics manufacturers to universities in the UK.

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