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Founded in 1901, G4S Security is one of the world’s largest security companies. With a presence in 125 countries, it is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange. Since its inception, G4S has expanded operations to a number of areas, including prisoner transport, overseas security, and care and justice services.


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In cooperation with the NHS, G4S provides patient transportation services throughout the Kent and Medway regions of the United Kingdom. As part of this collaboration, G4S receives funds to provide the services, contingent they meet specific excellence criteria. One of these criteria is to ensure at least 20% of patients give feedback on the service. If they fail to meet the 20% threshold, their budget is at risk.

Before coming to Ombea, G4S had tried using a survey on their website, as well as Google Forms. Both were too difficult to administer and, critically, they only managed to capture feedback from 12% of patients.


In search of the 20% threshold, G4S came to Ombea. They now use Ombea Insights to capture actionable patient feedback in real time.

With Ombea, patients can quickly indicate their satisfaction by answering a few smiley-faced questions, or they can leave detailed feedback by typing a few short sentences. The feedback is immediately visible to G4S administrators, who can then contact the right teams to address the sources of negative feedback if necessary. All of this happens almost instantly due to Ombea’s live alerts.


G4S are now receiving more feedback overall, and are well on their way to achieving the 20% feedback rate they need. Furthermore, the ‘live’ nature of Ombea means that G4S administrators can deal with feedback as it happens, nipping problems in the bud and sharing positive feedback across their team. What’s more, Ombea helps administrators automate reports, meaning the number of official complaints from stakeholders has plummeted.

One key benefit Ombea has delivered is reducing complaints by managing patient expectations. As part of their service contract, G4S have up to two hours to pick up and transport a particular patient. However, many do not understand this and expect pickup times to be within minutes. Analyzing Ombea’s data, they discovered punctuality to be of concern to patients. G4S have thus started to include informational leaflets with each booking, in which the two-hour pickup timeframe is explained.

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