Willows Veterinary and Referral Center


Willows Veterinary and Referral Center is a state-of-the-art veterinary practice located in the West Midlands region of the United Kingdom. In addition to providing top-quality veterinary care for pets in the surrounding area, Willows acts as a referral center for pets from across the UK needing specialist investigation and treatment.

As a center of excellence in the treatment of animals, the Center frequently holds conferences and specialist training sessions in the field of Veterinary Practice. Their facility boasts purpose-built seminar rooms with space for up to 100 participants at a time.


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As part of their work to deliver top-quality conferences and sessions, the team at Willows needed an interactive Audience Response System (ARS). Not just any system would do, however. Because many workshops happened on-the-go, it was important for presenters to start using the system without much preparation or training. More critically, they needed the system to be as independent as possible, meaning presenters themselves could quickly troubleshoot problems without needing to call in a support specialist for every single detail.

However, it was important for presenters to count on a robust support system should the unthinkable happen. Because rescheduling conferences due to technical difficulties is impossible, any and all troubleshooting has to happen right at the conference. This is why having continuous on-call support for the system was vital.


“We chose Ombea because they were excellent ... They had user-friendly software, good quality hardware, and a refreshing approach to post-sales support.”

The Ombea Response ARS ticked all of Willows’ boxes. Installation took minutes, as all they had to do was download the software and click “install.” After this, the ARS is integrated in PowerPoint, meaning Willows can create interactive slides the same way they’d create any other slide.


After installation, Willows received training on how to best use the system. The team from Ombea’s UK team ran one of their ‘Skills Workshops’ at the Center to cover all aspects of using and supporting Ombea. Importantly, the session also covered best practices in using ARS, with topics such as when to use response slides, how best to phrase them, and how to maximize the quality of the responses from the audience by using research-informed design principles. The team at Willows also saw the value in Ombea’s strong analytical tools, being able to deliver top-notch insights even in anonymous voting scenarios.

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