Improve Customer Experience

Shopping Mall

Overall Rating:

"Very Satisfied"


Checkout progress

Monitor real-time satisfaction at the checkouts. Deploy staff where and when they are needed.


Switfly address issues with hygiene or supplies as they arise.

Info desk

Ensure your customers service team is making a positive difference.

Self-check out

Improve checkout efficiency with real-time insights.

Customer assitance

Increase value by providing top-notch customer assistance on the shop floor.

Product Range

Make sure you can understand and deliver customer needs, even as they change over time.


Monitor car park feedback at the pay stations as customers settle up to leave.


Gauge diner experience at restaurants and cafes. Improve food quality, range, and service.


Make your events count! Deliver engaging presentations with OMBEA Response, and monitor overall event satisfaction with OMBEA Insights.

Customer Queues

Get real-time alerts that you can act on when customer satisfaction drops due to congestion at the checkouts or assistance areas.

E-tail Experience

Monitor online customer journeys and get the full picture across all your channels.

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