Which of the following is true of customer satisfaction?

August 25th, 2021

Can you guess which of the following statements is true about customer satisfaction?

Keeping up with customer satisfaction is hard. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it, and you wouldn’t be losing sleep over unsavory customer experiences, worrying about how they’re going to hit your bottom line.

But of course, reality is more crude, isn’t it?

Luckily, there are plenty of resources that can help you demystify customer satisfaction. Here’s just a few from our own repertoire:

In this article, we’ll go over a few statements regarding customer satisfaction. You’ll then have to figure out which of the statements are true or false of customer satisfaction. At the bottom of this article, you’ll find the answer key along with commentary and sources.

The goal is simple: to inspire you to start wowing your customers the moment you’re done with this article.

Our question to you now is, which of the following is true of customer satisfaction?

  1. 35% of consumers are more likely to buy from you again after a positive experience.

  2. If you make a mistake, 78% of customers will do business with you again if you provide excellent customer service.

  3. You need 12 positive customer experiences to make up for a negative one.

  4. 85% of customers will drop your brand due to a poor experience.

  5. 90% of customers expect an immediate response when they have a question, and with "immediate" 60% of customers mean 10 minutes or less.

  6. More than 45% of customers expect to not have to repeat themselves when communicating with your company representatives.

  7. 24% of shoppers believe their feedback doesn’t go to anyone who can act on it

  8. 63% of consumers expect businesses to know their unique needs and expectations, while 76% of B2B buyers expect the same thing.

  9. 90% of people are more likely to trust a company with an ironclad privacy policy.

  10. Customer service reps ask for a customer's name 60% of the time.

  11. 51% of customers who complain online are ignored.


  1. FALSE. The figure is actually closer to 90%. Once trust with the customer is established, they will not want to expend the energy to look for competitors. They would rather stick with you -- so long you keep providing stellar customer service. Source

  2. TRUE. Contrary to popular belief, making a mistake isn’t the end of the world for your business. As long as you own up to the mistake, and provide correct restitution, the majority of your customers will still support you. Source

  3. TRUE. This is backed by psychology, where humans are more inclined to remember and share negative experiences than positive ones. It’s how we were able to survive the hostile environments of prehistoric times. Source

  4. FALSE. The figure is 65%, but still represents a large number of customers. Source

  5. TRUE. With today’s technology, there’s just no excuse to be slow. Customers know this, and won’t hesitate to switch to another brand if your communication channels come straight out of prehistory. Source

  6. FALSE. The figure’s actually closer to 70%. Sure, one can repeat information once for clarification, but after the third time it’s time to throw in the towel. Ensure your customer satisfaction staff are talking to each other and recording customer information appropriately so as to not waste the customer’s time and patience. Source

  7. FALSE. 53% of people believe their feedback goes nowhere, but it certainly can feel like much more depending on the brands you interact with. The easiest way to act on feedback is to capture it right in the moment. Explore how OMBEA can help you do just that. Source

  8. TRUE. With data collection being easier than ever, there’s just no excuse. There’s also no need to invest in expensive and GDPR-infringing software. All you have to do is ask your customers the right questions in a smart way. Here’s how OMBEA can help you out. Source

  9. TRUE. With the rise of cybercrime, concerns over data privacy online are on the rise. Having a firm privacy policy is an easy way to gain brownie points with your customers. Source

  10. FALSE. The figure is actually 21%. As humans, being called by our names is a simple form of flattery. Think about it -- how richer would a conversation be if the person used your name? Source

  11. FALSE. The figure is actually 79%. Customer complaints, while negative at face value, are a chance to win over detractors and attract more business. By focusing on addressing complaints, and then sharing your solutions publicly for all to see, you’re well on your way to more sales. Here’s how OMBEA Public module helps you do that all from a single place . Source

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