Improve Passenger Experience

International Airport

Overall Rating:

“Very Satisfied”



Swiftly address hygiene or supply issues as they arise. Review hotspots for more efficient cleaning facilities deployment.


Ensure a smooth, friendly and efficient security experience.

Check-in Counters

Get real-time alerts that you can act on when passenger satisfaction drops due to congestion at the check-in desks.

Ticket Offices

Track customer satisfaction at the ticket offices.


Ensure passengers enjoy their experience throughout all food service areas.


Increase basket value be promoting positive customer experience at retail touchpoints.

Lounges and Waiting Areas

Monitor passenger mood as they wait for their flight, train or bus.

Immigration and Passport Control

Ensure speedy and professional passport control for passengers arriving through the airport.

Boarding Gates

Make sure passengers have a pleasant wait before boarding their flight.

Baggage Claim

Identify issues affecting the baggage claim process. Call more staff to the right location when extra help is needed.


Monitor car park feedback from passengers at the pay stations and transfer points.

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