Lifestyle Fitness bucks the COVID gym trend with OMBEA

December 2nd, 2020

Lifestyle Fitness are a chain UK based fitness clubs that, like most businesses, have had to adapt to the new COVID paradigm.

To stay competitive now and in the future, Lifestyle Fitness clubs are reimagining the post-COVID gym experience. With stricter cleaning standards and revamped internal regulation processes, Lifestyle is 100% committed to providing a safe and hygienic gym training experience.

As part of their new safety measures, they’ve switched to touchless OMBEA feedback terminals -- with astounding results.

Despite COVID, and people’s reticence to interact with foreign objects, they managed to collect 20% more feedback compared to the same period in 2019!

October 2019: Out of 5827 visitors, 40.5% of them gave feedback on changing room cleanliness via standard OMBEA ExpressPods.

October 2020: Out of 5000 visitors, 49.3% of visitors gave feedback via OMBEA’s new touchless ExpressPods.

Lifestyle Fitness are bucking the gym trend and retaining their members. Seeing an OMBEA ExpressPod signals to members that they are being heard. Seeing an OMBEA ExpressPod gives them the confidence to leave their feedback in a safe and infection-free way.

Follow this link to learn more about OMBEA’s touchless ExpressPods.

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