Turn group feedback into actionable insights. Instantly.

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For Customer Experience

Transform brand value by measuring and understanding customer opinions at every touchpoint in their journey.

For Employee Engagement

Revolutionise company performance by monitoring and acting on employee feedback in real-time.

For Teaching & Training

Accelerate learning outcomes with real-time formative assessment right inside your PowerPoint slides.

For Events & Conferences

Elevate your conference with interactive PowerPoint, live polling and instant feedback throughout the day.

The OMBEA Insights™ Family

Smart insights for customer experience and employee engagement.

Measure, understand, and act on real-time feedback from important touchpoints. Our platform collects and summarise people's opinions, feeding you a constant stream of new ideas for growth.


The OMBEA Response® Family

Audience response directly in Microsoft® PowerPoint®.

Our audience response system displays live results from people’s opinions and knowledge. It’s super-easy to use with your Microsoft PowerPoint slides for voting, engagement and assessment.

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