How to Collect More Feedback Using the Ombea Anywhere Module

As the name suggests, the Ombea Anywhere Module helps you maximise survey responses at any physical or virtual touchpoint thanks to Ombea's beautiful and conversational survey engine.

Choose an appropriate touchpoint

To maximise the number of responses, you first have to choose an appropriate touchpoint. You could either send out a survey link via email, SMS, or publish a QR code and stick it on a physical object (e.g. an e-commerce package delivered by a courier).

Sending out a link with a survey works best if you already have your customer's contact information. For example, if you are an e-commerce business, you probably have your customers' contact details already and sending out a post-purchase satisfaction survey should be fairly easy.

Pro tip: if you're sending out a survey, don't wait! Your customers are most likely to respond if they receive a survey within the first 24 hours — while the experience is still fresh.

Yet sometimes, you won't get a hold of your customers' contact details that easily and in order to get their feedback you'll have to be a little bit more creative. This is where the QR codes come in handy.

Anywhere in a supermarket

Here's an example: A supermarket in the UK placed Ombea's survey QR codes on the shop's floor to collect customer feedback while customers were queueing to pay. This way, they managed to increase the number of respondents by 18x compared to their previous monthly email survey.

Avoid survey fatigue

One of our customers is an automotive dealer. Before switching to Ombea, they couldn’t get even their most loyal customers to respond to a post-maintenance survey. It turned out that their survey was comparable to a major homework assignment that took longer to complete than the actual oil change.

Not only was the survey too complicated, but the responses weren't actionable. In fact, the dealer didn't do anything with the answers at all! This reveals that they weren't asking the right questions in their original survey. Instead, we suggested minimising the customer satisfaction survey to just two simple questions; a smiley question asking customers to "rate their overall experience with a smiley" and an open-text question which asked them to provide "one single thing that the dealership could do even better".

This way, the dealership can now monitor overall customer satisfaction and have a clear idea of the top items that need their immediate attention. Even when the customers give them great ratings, the dealership still has an opportunity to improve on their greatness with a quick single question.

You can't control what you don't measure

Customer dissatisfaction is widespread and increasingly dangerous because of customers' empowerment — on average one negative review will cost you a total of 30 potential customers. Although companies know a lot about customers’ buying habits, they still know little about their thoughts and emotions. This is where the Ombea Anywhere Module helps you measure and take control — regardless of the interactions being physical or virtual.

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