The Ultimate Secret Weapon for Retail CX Managers

December 20th, 2017

For any business, public or private, it is the primary goal to not only meet customer and user expectations but to exceed them. One of the best ways to find out how your business can improve is through measuring the customer experience (CX).

Three benefits of measuring CX

  1. Customer Lifetime Value
    For most businesses, the goal is not the quick win, but the best methods to extend and improve the lifetime value of each customer. With an ExpressPod, you can find the best way to increase customer lifetime value. It is sometimes difficult to gauge what keeps a customer returning due to the fickle nature of consumers.
  2. Brand ambassadors
    One of the best marketing strategies for your business is letting your customers do the hard work for you. Of course, it will take commitment to create consumers who not only like your retail brand but help them to become brand ambassadors that will recommend you to others.
  3. Address underlying problems
    So often, a single measure will showcase positive results, but sales performance and footfall may suggest a bigger problem. Finding that missing link can be difficult. Instead of measuring just one transaction all of the time (e.g. point-of-sale service), you can locate your touchpoints across your business and ask deeper questions to find the root causes of the problems.

Unfortunately, measuring customer experience has always been a challenge for organisations, particularly in the retail sector. How do you measure CX when the goalposts keep moving? Retail is no longer a case of buying an item; it’s an experience for customers. CX for retailers now includes offering free WiFi, contactless payment to click and collect and immersive individualisation, and once you improve the experience, it needs to be maintained.

Fortunately, OMBEA Insights has made it easier to measure your vital customer experience indicators, so that you can reap the rewards of measuring CX.

What is OMBEA Insights?

If you’ve seen feedback pods with smiley faces on them before, then you’ll have a basic idea of what we’re talking about here. OMBEA Insights is name for our total solution that takes this simple idea and adds depth to it. There are three elements vital to CX Managers working in retail:

Element 1: The OMBEA ExpressPod The OMBEA ExpressPod is our physical feedback pod. It features 5 feedback buttons. In ‘smiley mode’ each button represents a feeling from ‘very happy’ through to ‘very upset’. They are effortless to use and give you large volumes of feedback on the ‘what’ of how customers feel.

For added depth you can put an ExpressPod in ‘multiple-choice mode’. This time the 5 buttons are labelled ‘A’ to ‘E’. In doing so you can explore simple customer preferences through asking a multiple-choice question.

Element 2: The Survey Stream The Survey Stream is our secret weapon for the CX Manager looking to make improvements quickly. Where ExpressPods capture the ‘what’ (and some of the ‘why’) of customer feelings, the Survey Stream goes much further. It’s an online survey that customers access on their smartphones during their visit. In addition to multiple-choice questions it captures free text feedback which opens up new dimensions of CX improvement ideas.

And since they answer your question while they’re still on your premises, the feedback will contain the detail and subtleties you’d never get in a post-visit survey!

Element 3: The dashboard Whether you start with just one ExpressPod or go all out and have multiple ExpressPods enhanced with the Survey Stream, all the feedback is presented in easy-to-understand visual form in the OMBEA Insights dashboard. This is simple to access online so you can login any time you like to see how things are going. You can also receive regular summary reports by email if that’s more convenient for you.

So how can OMBEA Insights help your retail brand?

Let’s start with the ExpressPod. Being small and portable, these can be conveniently located at any or multiple touchpoints. Think about shop entrances, till points, changing rooms, and more. Anywhere that you want to measure. What’s more, once you have collected enough data for one touchpoint, you can then move the ExpressPod to a new location to obtain different information or change the question that you are asking.

The exciting twist with OMBEA Insights is that you can add the Survey Stream to ask any question you like, any time you like. For example if you see a dip in customer experience, you can act immediately to ask for deeper feedback on the why. Or you could cut to the chase and ask customers exactly how they would suggest you improve. Since the Survey Stream adds all this qualitative feedback to your dashboard, it’s a far more agile way of building your improvement strategy.

Wrapping up

With continually moving customer experience goalposts, your store should never be content with standing still. Our ExpressPods make sure that you keep measuring relevant information and have real-time results for accuracy. By adding Survey Stream you’ll get added depth in the feedback. This way, you always know what works, what doesn’t and where your next area of improvement needs to be.

Just one more thing...

Happy staff generally make a happy business. When trialling your CX methods, use the people who can help you first and foremost; your staff.

So often, poor customer experience will stem from a dysfunctional or low-morale team. By using our ExpressPods to measure employee experience as well as customer experience, you’ll be able to find the solutions for your retail brand from within. This approach can save you valuable time and expense.

Once you have any problems ironed out, you can then use ExpressPods for ongoing CX maintenance, keeping customers happy and in return, you’ll have a happier team, increased sales, more customers, higher transactional spend and a base of loyal customers.

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