Five Patient Experience Trends that will Define 2022

#2: Going beyond metrics, into action.

How Much Does A Feedback Machine Cost?

The short answer: It depends. There are three main factors that impact the price of a feedback ma...

How To Reply to Incoming Trustpilot Reviews in a Fraction of the Time

Read this if you're time-starved and looking to reduce the time you spend on managing Trustpilot ...

How To Turn Negative Feedback Into More Revenue In 3 Steps

Read this if you're constantly afraid of negative reviews, and how to turn them into revenue oppo...

Only 5% of Customers Leave Reviews. Here’s How To Get the Other 95%

Read this if you're trying to boost positive Trustpilot (or any) reviews, but can't convince peop...

OMBEA and Street Soccer Scotland Help Dundee Get Their Lives Back on Track

Read this if you are a charity looking to see how exactly your programs are making an impact -- w...

How To Measure Customer Satisfaction [The Right Way]

There are plenty of ways of gauging customer satisfaction. Then there's the right way. Find out w...

OMBEA Retail Experience Management

Delighted shoppers are willing to spend more money with your brand.

Downloadable Resource: Five Customer Experience Question Sheet Examples

Use these question sheet examples to get started with your smiley face terminal right now.

Which of the following is true of customer satisfaction?

Can you guess which of the following statements is true about customer satisfaction?

10 Key Customer Satisfaction Measures

Have you tried googling “How to measure customer satisfaction?” We have, and when we did, we go...

What Customer Service Survey Questions Should You Be Asking?

In this guide, you'll find a list of excellent customer service survey questions and learn when t...

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