5 Questions Healthcare Providers Are Asking Patients in 2021

July 28th, 2021

You know the value of a positive patient experience. Happier patients are more engaged patients, meaning they’re more involved in their healthcare decisions. Happier patients will choose you over other providers -- and tell their friends and family about it.

A positive patient experience starts by getting to know your patients, and ensuring it’s easy for them to give you feedback.

How do you get to know your patients, and get them to give you feedback? You ask the right questions.

We present you with five patient experience question examples you can start with right now.

How satisfied were you with our sanitation measures?

  • Why it's useful

    • With the onset of COVID19, everyone is concerned about their health. As healthcare providers, patients want to be reassured that everything possible is being done to protect them. Asking patients how they feel about sanitation at your facilities can help you see if you’re moving in the right direction -- and correct course if necessary.
  • How to do it

    • You could either ask the question with an ExpressPod smiley terminal, or you can ask for open-ended answers with the Anywhere module. The decision depends on whether you want a quick temperature reading or deeper data. You could also ask this question in a multiple choice format if you wanted to narrow down answers to specific points (see an example here).

How satisfied were you with the care received?

  • Why it's useful

    • Post-treatment exit surveys are a nightmare. Not only are patients unwilling to go through pages and pages of questions, your staff don’t have the time to sift through the answers. However, understanding care satisfaction is fundamental to understanding the patient experience.
  • How to do it

    • You can use an ExpressPod smiley terminal to get a quick overview, or you can dig deeper with open-ended questions using the Anywhere module. You can choose when to go deeper depending on the patient’s answers.

How was your vaccination experience today?

  • Why it's useful

    • When COVID19 vaccines were first released, enthusiasm was high -- just about everyone wanted to get vaccinated as quickly as possible. That enthusiasm has now begun to taper off. Part of the reason for this is fear of side effects from vaccination, and overall mistrust in the healthcare system. Ensuring a smooth and attentive vaccination experience encourages positive word-of-mouth, which can in turn convince skeptics to get their shot too.
  • How to do it

    • This one’s perfect for either the on-site or Anywhere module. Place an ExpressPod at the exit point asking for people to rate their experience, and prompt them to answer a few questions while they’re waiting with QR code surveys. You can take a look at how Nimbuscare in the UK does exactly this across their vaccination facilities.

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Through what channels would you rather contact us?

  • Why it’s important

    • In the age of technology, people have more ways of communicating than ever before. While some are happy to hop on the phone to schedule appointments, others would rather interact through chat or over email. Some simply can’t use certain technologies because of their disabilities. Understanding what communication channels your patients will help you build trust with the people you serve.
  • How to do it

    • It pays to be creative. While patients are in the waiting room, you can place QR codes on the floor or other visible areas and use the Anywhere module. They’re stuck waiting anyway, so why not kill some time helping you get to know them better? You could also use an ExpressPod with a multiple choice format, limiting the answers to something like “A. Phone, B. Chat, C. Email”.

How could we have avoided a terrible visit OR How could we have made your visit even better?

  • Why it's useful

    • Smiley feedback is great for when you want a quick read on a specific question, but what happens if you want to go deeper? What if you want to understand why a particular person pressed a sad face or a happy face? Understanding the motivations behind people’s answers will help you recreate the positives and avoid the negatives.
  • How to do it

    • You can use OMBEA’s question logic feature either using the On-site module’s ExpressTab, the Online or Anywhere module. Depending on what a person tapped/clicked on, you can have them follow a specific set of questions. In this case, you could have your first question be “How was your visit?”, and then depending on whether the customer chooses a positive or negative response, you follow up with “How could we have avoided this?” or “What could we do even better?”

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