“Protecting patients and making them feel safe was our key priority. The quality of how this was to delivered was a key consideration.”

- Ellie Holmes, Corporate Affairs Manager at Nimbuscare

Nimbuscare is a large at scale GP Provider in the North of England; it provides care to approximately 250,000 patients in the York area. Not only were Nimbuscare one of the first to establish a mass drive thru flu vaccination programme for York residents, they also established one of the first mass Covid-19 vaccination centres in the whole of England serving both local and national patients.

In order to deliver quality care, Nimbuscare recognised the importance of listening to their patients. They considered traditional survey methods, but these required continuous staff involvement, which encumbered them and distracted them from performing critical duties.

Using a combination of Ombea’s On-site and Anywhere modules, Nimbuscare can understand patient satisfaction in real-time with little to no direct involvement from staff.


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“[Ombea] definitely solved a problem for us, we didn’t have anything (to capture feedback with), we had to be mindful of infection control implications and then [Ombea] came and everything was suddenly in place.” - Ellie Holmes, Corporate Affairs Manager at Nimbuscare

With the onset of COVID-19, Nimbuscare was at the forefront of setting up vaccination centres in the York area. With staff busy running the mass vaccination site alongside other health services, it was not possible for Nimbuscare staff to effectively focus on patient feedback. At the same time, they knew that providing quality health services relied on listening and responding to patient feedback.

Nimbuscare explored traditional solutions for gathering patient feedback such as paper-based surveys. These were ultimately deemed insufficient, as there were concerns patients would not answer them due to them being too long or complicated. What’s more, staff wouldn’t have time to sift through the answers, encourage patients to fill them out and sift through the results. Infection control was also a very real consideration so eliminating any traditional pens and paper was an important factor.

There was always a decision to be made between providing service and gathering feedback, but choosing one would take time away from the other.

To break this “either/or” trap, a potential feedback solution had to be up-and-running in minutes, easy for the patients to engage with, and require little-to-no staff involvement.

Ellie Holmes, Corporate Affairs Manager at Nimbuscare


“I didn’t see anything else that ticked the boxes the way Ombea did. [The Ombea staff] came back to me and you [the Ombea staff] were actually very honest and up-front about what the platform could and could not deliver.”

After a Google search for patient feedback solutions, Nimbuscare found Ombea. Getting in touch with Ombea, a quick platform demonstration was set up with an Ombea advisor in which a bespoke feedback solution was proposed. Acting on this advice, Nimbuscare opted to capture different layers of feedback by combining the On-site and Anywhere modules.

On-site Module: 3 ExpressPod smiley terminals in the vaccination waiting areas, one of these pods right by the exit of the facility. Using the touchless smiley options, patients can quickly indicate how their vaccination experience was. The ExpressPods came ready-to-use, so all Nimbuscare staff had to do was take them out of the box and flick the “ON” switch. Setup took less than a minute.

Anywhere module: Accompanying each ExpressPod is a prompt to scan a QR code. Upon scanning with their mobile device, the patient gets led to a quick 2-question survey they can complete during the 15-minute waiting time to avoid harmful vaccine side effects. The patient is first asked how their experience was, and depending on whether they indicate a positive or negative answer then they are prompted to elaborate using an open-text question. Nimbuscare staff set the survey up in a matter of minutes using Ombea’s intuitive dashboard.

All the data from both the On-site and Anywhere modules gets fed into the same dashboard, which allows Nimbuscare staff to track patient satisfaction in real-time. The dashboard is shared with members of the Nimbuscare team, so they can see the direct results of their individual actions.


More feedback. Nimbuscare receives, on average, 3000 visitors day to their mass vaccination site, out of which 1000 leave feedback using either the On-site or Anywhere modules. Over the months of May and June 2021, 30 - 35% of visitors have left feedback.

Addressed blind spots. More than 90% of patients indicate that their vaccination experience with Nimbuscare was positive. However, some pointed out that it was difficult for people hard of hearing to go through the vaccination procedures. This is something Nimbuscare was not aware of, and have now taken active steps to address thanks to Ombea.

More possibilities. Because Ombea is easy to use and requires minimal intervention from staff, Nimbuscare can see the possibilities beyond vaccination centres. Plans are in place to explore using Ombea at GP surgeries so as to get a global overview of patient satisfaction throughout Nimbuscare’s partner network.

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