Avarn Security renews its contract with Stockholm Arlanda airport, continues to use Ombea touchless ExpressPods

Avarn Security, a multinational security firm, has successfully renewed its contract with Arlanda airport in Stockholm, Sweden. This demonstrates that airports seek not only effective security services but also that passengers have a pleasant experience.

This is the combination that Avarn Security brings.

The firm’s mission is not just to deal with imminent security threats. It is also to create a safe environment where passengers don’t feel nervous when going through security checks. Where passengers are made to feel welcome and safe.

Avarn Security has an ongoing partnership with Stockholm-based Ombea. With Ombea’s passenger feedback platform, they can place ExpressPod smiley terminals at the end of each security checkpoint, asking passengers to rate their experience.

As passengers use the five smiley buttons to leave their feedback, the platform crunches the data and shows it as a numerical value. Having a number that measures passenger satisfaction in real-time helps Avarn Security immediately determine whether they’re going in the right direction, and act quickly when things are going wrong.

Avarn Security has previous experience with smiley terminals for passenger feedback, but Ombea’s touchless features, easy-to-read data insights and excellent customer service convinced them to make the switch.

In total, they have ten ExpressPod smiley terminals that cover all security points at Arlanda Airport.

As the firm begins a new contract with Arlanda Airport, Ombea hopes to continue this successful partnership, helping Avarn Security on its mission to create a safe and enjoyable environment at Sweden’s largest airport.

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