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Ombea helps you deliver unparalleled employee engagement, protecting wellbeing, productivity, and your bottom line.

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Why do employees love Ombea?

A voice for everyone.

Ombea gives every employee a voice. By feeling heard, they will become happier, healthier and more fulfilled.

Improved wellbeing.

Monitor employee wellbeing and direct people to helpful resources that will enhance their sense of self.

Higher engagement.

Employees can leave feedback without interrupting their workflow, which means they're more likely to engage and feel a part of the team.


Whether employees are working remotely, in your office, or on a factory floor, Ombea gives them all a voice thanks to our wide range of feedback collectors.

Why do HR managers love Ombea?

Clear ROI.

Companies with higher levels of employee engagement are 22% more profitable than their competitors. Ombea shows your managers exactly what they need to get there.

Multi-site capability.

Your workforce is spread across multiple cities and timezones. Ombea helps you understand their needs and concerns at the local level, every single day.

Every insight counts.

Ombea helps managers identify and close actions arising from all feedback across all teams, which means tangible results are just around the corner.

Better employee engagement initiatives.

No more taking shots in the dark. Knowing exactly what employees need, you can create more effective engagement initiatives across your entire business.

Why do IT managers love Ombea?

Flexible and brandable collectors.

Whether you choose to collect feedback through our touchless feedback terminals, online widgets, app solutions, QR codes, SMS, email or a public review site, everything is available in just a few clicks. Flexible and brandable enough to fit the most demanding needs.

Enterprise friendly.

No matter how big your organization is, setting up is easy. Build complex organizational hierarchies assigning users and permissions with ease.

Integrate with existing infrastructure.

Using the API you can connect Ombea data with any existing solution within your infrastructure.

Quick technical support.

Although we have plenty of resources to help you get going, we are always just a phone call, email or chat away — completely free of charge.

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