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Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) is a public university in Glasgow, Scotland. With nearly 18,000 students, GCU has been ranked among the world's top 150 young universities by the Times Higher Education rankings. GCU uses Ombea to measure student satisfaction across campus, both online and on-site.


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Prior to using Ombea, GCU did not have a means of regularly measuring student satisfaction across campus facilities. Instead, they would conduct feedback surveys on ad-hoc occasions.

This posed some significant challenges. First, it was difficult to establish a base level of student satisfaction from where things could be improved. Second, it was difficult to make ad-hoc feedback surveys available to all students simultaneously. Hence, CGU could only hear from a fraction of students.

Finally, GCU really needed statistically significant feedback to help with their Customer Service Accreditation.

What GCU needed was a real-time solution that could capture regular feedback in large volumes.


GCU started using Ombea ExpressPods to measure feedback on-site. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they switched to the Ombea Anywhere module in order to continue gathering feedback, but this time through students’ own devices.

Shifting from physical Ombea ExpressPods to smartphone feedback did not affect the number of responses GCU generated, since students were already used to providing feedback regularly.

Using the Ombea Anywhere module, GCU could keep track of all their facilities in a safe and student-friendly manner, despite the challenges that the pandemic brought. Since Ombea feedback is captured in real-time, GCU can compare their different feedback touchpoints on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis.


Happier students: GCU ensures that all students get an amazing experience, particularly given the difficult working conditions during multiple lockdown periods. Students seeing that their input hasn’t gone unnoticed feel more motivated and assured that GCU truly cares about their well being and academic success.

Continuous improvement: The Ombea and GCU partnership has resulted in continuous improvement despite the COVID pandemic. Here’s what Nicholas has to say about it:

In my experience Paul Jenner (Ombea’s International Sales Director) has been a very knowledgeable person to deal with, and can help you see what Ombea might be able to offer your organisation. In my opinion, the online offering is certainly worth a year's trial.

Ease of use: Nicholas Healy, the Senior Library Administrator at the university, told us “it would be more time consuming and arduous to gather feedback without Ombea”. They particularly like that the dashboard can be accessed from anywhere, that they can create new feedback campaigns whenever they like, and that the data is statistically significant.

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