Improved Dashboard for Smiley and NPS Questions.

We've recently upgraded the dashboard for smiley and NPS questions. The summary view now includes a section for quick highlights. The Day, Week, and Month tabs, which were previously under Comparison have now been moved to the menu under the Date tab. Similarly, the Location and Folder tabs, formerly found under Comparison have been relocated to the menu under the Location tab. Additionally, we've introduced the Focus feature for all stream types, streamlining the process of identifying areas for improvement.

Summary View

In the summary view, you will now get quick highlights about the results compared to the last period.

Compare View

We've streamlined your comparison options to make room for new future insights. When comparing dates in Compare you can now adjust whether you'd like to view daily, weekly, or monthly results in the menu:

When comparing touchpoints, you can choose whether to group the results by location or folder in the menu:

Focus View

You may have already noticed the Focus view. This feature is designed to help you identify where to concentrate your efforts for the most significant impact on your average index.

It's not always effective to start where the index is lowest. For example, you might find that your index significantly drops during the lunch hour on Wednesdays but is also poor on Saturday afternoons. Although the Wednesday lunchtime index is much lower than on Saturday afternoons, focusing on Saturdays might be more beneficial due to higher traffic, thus offering a greater opportunity to improve the average index. The "Focus" feature assists in prioritizing by forecasting the potential impact of your improvements on the overall index.

Based on the volume of data and your context, you can opt to identify issues based on location, hour of the day, weekday, or a combination of these factors. Adjust these preferences in the settings menu.

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