Niclas Forsvall New Chief Commercial Officer at Ombea

Ombea is strengthening its leadership team with business development and digital transformation powerhouse Niclas Forsvall as Chief Commercial Officer. With his multinational experience within B2B, Niclas will help Ombea in bringing experience management into the future.

Ombea drives frontline staff to take actions that drive success, every minute, every day. It is powered by a continuous stream of local feedback, from customers, employees, patients, or any type of audience.

Niclas Forsvall, who looks forward to starting at Ombea, had this to say:

“What got me interested in Ombea was how its unique solutions help companies monitor and act on omnichannel feedback in real-time. Organizations of all shapes and sizes can learn, act and improve while getting a full overview of customer perception on-site, online or through public feedback. I couldn’t be more excited to help Ombea in their ambition to re-invent how the industry should work with feedback in a better way.”

Niclas Forsvall has focused on developing B2B businesses throughout his decades-long career. Having worked with companies like Ericsson, Telia and HP, Niclas has been a dominating force in both Nordic and Australia/New Zealand-based markets. Prior to joining Ombea, Niclas was Chief Partner of Sales with the Turnpike group, with a specific focus on leading the digital transformation of retail businesses. He was also Head of Specialist Sales at Telia and Director of Product at e-commerce giant Avensia.

Ombea’s CEO Gustav Hammar shares Niclas enthusiasm :

"We are excited to welcome Niclas to Ombea as we look forward to helping more organizations provide better, more fulfilling experiences for their audiences. Niclas’ leadership and broad experience in B2B will be essential as we continue to expand into newer more complex verticals.”

Niclas Forsvall began his position as CCO on August 9th 2021.

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