Making every
experience count

Did you know that...


of unhappy experiences are discovered using email surveys.


of unhappy experiences remain undiscovered and ignored.

OMBEA closes this gap and turns these unhappy experiences into success stories.

Hear from everyone instead of a fraction of email subscribers.

Don't just rely on your existing customers or computer-based employees who happen to enjoy email surveys. Make every experience count. Explore our modules for measuring experience at virtually any touchpoint.

On-site Online Anywhere

In-the-moment instead of outdated feedback.

Instead of waiting hours, days or months; capture feedback about interactions as they happen. This way you can take proactive action before it's too late.

Automated action lists instead of piles of charts.

It's not longer quick enough to manually browse through piles of charts before you can act. OMBEA presents automated and prioritized action lists that enable your local staff to act on negative experiences directly. Win over your competitors one experience at a time.

Scalable and affordable instead of one-size-fits-all.

Whether you have a single shop or an enterprise with thousands of outlets, OMBEA is for you. Monitor and improve experience at every touchpoint with ease. Go even further with our API as it enables you to seamlessly blend feedback into your existing dashboards and reports.

Join the journey to remove complexity in Experience Management.

Some of the world's largest brands are on board

100s of small brands are on board too

500 million responses and counting.

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