Insights Dashboard showing no data


When you log in to your Insights Dashboard, there is no data shown from your ExpressPods.

Possible Solutions

Check your Streams

  1. Check that you have selected a valid Location and Stream selected from the main Dashboard.
  2. Check that your Stream has not expired. You can see this by clicking on the Streams menu. If your Stream has expired, it will appear in the Archived Streams tab. You can fix it by editing the Stream and changing the expiry date.

Check your Reporting Dates

  1. Check that you have selected an appropriate date range from the main Dashboard.
  2. The dates must be current or past dates, and they must be during the time your stream was live.

Clear your Cache

  1. There may have been a recent update to the Dashboard. In some cases, you will need to log out, clear your cache, and then log back in before you can see your data.
  2. Log out of your Insights Dashboard account.
  3. Clear your browser cache. See below for instructions on how to clear the cache on different browsers.
  4. Log back into your account via

How to clear your cache on different browsers