New Feature: Branching Link Streams

Branching logic is used to guide respondents through questions that are most relevant to them. Showing only the relevant questions greatly improves the survey flow and feel, in turn, increasing the response rate. Besides, your customers will feel as if they are having a conversation instead of filling out a boring traditional questionnaire.

For example, you may have a set of questions that depend on the first customer’s response. If the first question is “How was your checkout experience?” and the respondent indicates “Terrible”, then you can immediately ask a follow-up question like “Sorry to hear that, can you please indicate the reason?”. Otherwise, if the respondent has had a good experience, you will skip all question related to negative experiences, saving the respondent’s time and increasing the chance of them reaching the end of the survey.

How to create your branching Stream?

  1. Create a Link Stream and add your questions as normal.
  2. For each question that should only be shown under certain conditions, click on the Add Logic button just beneath that question.
  3. Choose the question and select the given answers that should trigger this question to appear.
  4. Repeat as necessary for other conditional questions.

To learn more about this feature read the Guidebook article.

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