Net Promoter Score and Insights Index

Learning Statement: In this article you’ll learn why the using an index such as Net Promoter Score is important. You’ll also learn how the two index options are calculated.
Audience: This article is aimed at all OMBEA ExpressPod users.


When using ExpressPods to understand satisfaction you can expect a lot of feedback. The Insights Dashboard will present this to you visually so it’s easier to understand. One aspect of this is the NPS and Insights Index. These are two different ways of revealing the changes from one time period to the next.

The image below shows a typical chart with a Net Promoter Score Index overlaid.

OMBEA Insights Dashboard Net Promoter Score

To learn more about the background to Net Promoter Score, see this Wikipedia article

How the indices are calculated

Net Promoter Score = Percentage of Promoters - Percentage of Detractors

Promoters and Detractors are defined as follows:

  • Dark green votes are considered Promoters.
  • Light red, dark red, and yellow votes are considered Detractors.
  • Light green votes are considered Neutral.

Insights Index = Total Score/Total number of votes

Total Score is calculated as follows:

  • Each dark green vote is worth 100.
  • Each light green vote is worth 75.
  • Each yellow vote is worth 50.
  • Each light red vote is worth 25.
  • Each dark red vote is worth 0.

Insights Index considers all votes in your stream, while NPS considers only the extremes. The one you choose depends on what you’re looking for in the data. Since you can easily switch between the two, you don’t have to make a firm choice.