Beautiful and conversational surveys.

Provide a branded and mobile-first experience for fuss-free interaction.

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Pose just the right questions at just the right time.

Embed feedback questions without disrupting users’ journeys.

Conversational and friendly instead of cold and static.

A great survey is like a great conversation. Create conversational surveys with an incredibly simple question logic. This also helps to shorten the time your audience needs to respond to your survey, in turn, increasing its response rate.


Get your very own feedback hub: An easily recognized place where your customers and employees can leave feedback. Automatically route them to the right survey depending on their geographic location or let them choose at their discretion.

Resolve issues. Boost positive reviews.

Address poor experiences before it’s too late and leverage your fans by routing them to the review sites or endpoints of your choice.

Explore the real magic, where all this feedback is turned to success.

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Combine with additional modules to cover more touchpoints.


Understand and improve experience at online touchpoints such as on your website, your intranet, or in your apps using embedded widgets.



Understand and improve experience at physical touchpoints such as in your stores or at your offices, using feedback terminals.



Track and manage public reviews about your business. Make sense of every review, understanding trends as they emerge.


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