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Ombea helps you deliver excellent service at every site you run, while catching the negatives before they hit your performance figures, and your bottom line.

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Why do Facilities Managers love Ombea?

Clear ROI.

With a birds-eye view of your entire operation, you can immediately resolve issues that may prevent you from keeping or acquiring new contracts.

Real-time clarity.

Ombea continuously monitors all facilities under your management, so you know when and where to act for the greatest impact.

Quicker actions.

No more lost time. Ombea notifies you about negative feedback so you can act before an issue escalates.

Motivate and engage.

Ombea highlights positive feedback so you can motivate your front line teams when they deserve praise.

Simple startup.

You and your staff are already busy enough. Ombea is simple to deploy so you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Why do IT managers love Ombea?

Flexible and brandable collectors.

Whether you choose to collect feedback through our touchless feedback terminals, online widgets, app solutions, QR codes, SMS, email or a public review site, everything is available within a few clicks. Flexible and brandable enough to fit the most demanding needs.

Enterprise friendly.

No matter how big your organization is, setting up is easy. Build complex organizational hierarchies assigning users and permissions with ease.

Integrate with existing infrastructure.

Using the API you can connect Ombea data with any existing solution within your infrastructure.

Quick technical support.

Although we have plenty of resources to help you get going, we are always just a phone call, email or chat away — completely free of charge.

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