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No audience is unreachable with Ombea's feedback widgets for your websites and apps.

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The right question at the right time.

Trigger the right question to appear directly after delivering an experience or at a certain moment in the users’ journey.

Make your questions fit your design.

You worked hard to design a successful website or app. Don't let a third-party widget ruin it. Customize the style using CSS; the same language that your web designers are already using.

Conversational and friendly instead of cold and static.

A great survey is like a great conversation. Create conversational surveys using dead-simple question logic. The result is quicker surveys with increased response rates.

Resolve issues. Boost positive reviews.

Address poor experiences before it’s too late and leverage your fans by routing them to the review sites or endpoints of your choice.

Add questions to any platform.

Add questions to your website, in your apps, on your touchscreens, and even on Mac or Windows taskbars.

Effortless installation.

Installing our widgets is as easy as copy and paste: Just paste our lightweight script in one place and we'll take care of the rest. The script will automatically handle any changes you make so there's no need to involve your IT department for every little update to your questions.

Explore the real magic, where all this feedback is turned to success.

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Combine with additional modules to cover more touchpoints.


Understand and improve experience at physical touchpoints such as in your stores or at your offices, using feedback terminals.



Track and manage public reviews about your business. Make sense of every review, understanding trends as they emerge.



Understand and improve experience, whether on-site or online, using emails, SMS or QR codes.


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