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Patient experience is central to quality healthcare.

According to the World Health Organization, patient engagement is a critical component of safe, people-centered services. Engaged patients make more informed decisions about their care options. Ombea helps you align your resources more closely to patients’ priorities.

How does Ombea help patients?


Engaged patients feel more confident in the decisions they make about their healthcare.


Having the opportunity to air their views makes for a more open relationship with you, their healthcare provider.

Patient-centric approach.

When you give patients a voice, they will know that the decisions you make put their needs for safety and quality care front and center in all that you do.

Why do Clinical Managers love Ombea?

Build Trust.

Asking your patients about their experience with you will promote trust in your practice over the alternatives they could choose.

Gain honest insights.

Engaged patients are more likely to feel confident reporting both positive and negative experiences, giving you more improvement ideas.

Learn how to win.

Unwelcoming waiting room? Slow response time? Honest patient feedback from Ombea shows you exactly where patients want you to do better, so you can act with confidence.

Manage online reviews.

Use Ombea to proactively address reviews and enhance your online reputation, attracting more patients to your practice.

Multi-site capability.

Ombea expands to as many sites as you run, providing local insights so you know exactly how to improve at each location under your management.

Why do IT managers love Ombea?

Flexible and brandable collectors.

Whether you choose to collect feedback through our touchless feedback terminals, online widgets, app solutions, QR codes, SMS, email or a public review site, everything is available in just a few clicks. Flexible and brandable enough to fit the most demanding needs.

Enterprise friendly.

No matter how big your organization is, setting up is easy. Build complex organizational hierarchies assigning users and permissions with ease.

Integrate with existing infrastructure.

Using the API you can connect Ombea data with any existing solution within your infrastructure.

Quick technical support.

Although we have plenty of resources to help you get going, we are always just a phone call, email or chat away — completely free of charge.

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