A Guide to Audience Response Systems

The business world is a hive of technology! In order to facilitate business processes, the use of gizmos and gadgets such as tablets, smart phones, interactive whiteboards and video conferencing is nothing new. Rather, this advancement in technology has empowered businesses to adapt to changing trends and survive competition, which gets fiercer day by day. Audience response systems have truly revolutionised the way in which people can interact during meetings, training sessions, AGM’s and lectures.

Why Are Audience Response Systems Useful?

Audience response technology is a very helpful tool used during a presentation. It is an effective way of engaging audiences and gathering their feedback accurately. Gathering information is vital for any business that wishes to grow and serve its customers. However, while conducting research, businesses face challenges such as deriving accurate feedback. That’s why companies look towards interactive technologies such as our Ombea audience response system for research purposes, enhancing the effectiveness of their training programmes and engaging participants in a fun, interesting way.

For individuals, too often, it is observed that your decisions might be strongly influenced by other people’s points of view. Crowd psychology plays a key role in several public voting scenarios, including those at business training and meetings. If you have been a part of a crowd, how many times have you re-considered your opinion only to vote with the majority of people? This causes inaccurate results, which isn’t very useful. Therefore, to avoid such events, the audience response system gives participants an opportunity to use Ombea ResponsePad or web device voting with their smartphones. According to behavioural studies conducted in universities, it was observed that attentiveness was increased once students were asked to use their voting devices or smartphones to answer questions displayed in a PowerPoint presentation.

The Ombea audience response system provides results on a real-time basis therefore eliminating the need to count votes manually, which would otherwise be a monotonous task. Allowing your audience to use ResponseApp via smartphones and tablets, or Ombea ResponsePads will allow them to remain engaged, as they will be intrigued and anxious to see the results. Through Ombea’s reporting tools, you can also track the results if desired. You can choose the polling to remain anonymous or obtain access to every individual’s results. Apart from this, ResponsePad or web device voting enhance knowledge retention. Engaging your audience in a learning environment rather than just allowing them to listen or watch will help stimulate their brains to develop more connections and relate to the information you are providing.

Integrating Audience Response Systems With PowerPoint Presentations

Many training programmes and meetings rely heavily on PowerPoint presentations to convey relevant information. A key challenge faced by all types of businesses is to create a connection between the presentation and its participants. This can be effectively carried out through audience response systems. Not only does it create a memorable experience but also by using your smartphones to respond to questions, participants will feel that they are active members of the meeting or training.

According to research audience response systems can boost learning and knowledge retention up to 37%. That’s why several savvy companies that belong to different industry verticals have been implementing audience response technology for quite some time to address important matters from effective safety procedures to future strategy.

So if you have an upcoming AGM, team meeting, lecture or training session, you might want to consider renting or buying an audience response system to provide an interactive and fun element to all your presentations.

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