Ombea & Trustpilot Join Hands to Help Brands Manage Customer Experience Online and On-site

Ombea® – one of Europe’s fastest-growing customer experience platforms – in a partnership with Trustpilot, reveals its latest public review management tool.

Reputation management has become a crucial component of every brand’s online presence. In fact, as many as 95% of customers will read the reviews before making a purchase decision.

If you’re still not convinced about how important online reviews have become, here are some statistics that’ll make you think otherwise:

  • 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase;

  • 72% of customers won’t interact with your brand until after reading reviews;

  • When a product gets 5 reviews, the chances of it being bought by new customers increase by 270%. With higher-priced items, this is 380%;

  • Customers spend 31% more when a business has positive reviews;

  • 50% of customers need to see at least a 4-star rating to consider interacting with a business.

The new add-on to the award-winning Ombea platform makes the public online review management process as easy as possible. Ombea gathers reviews from Trustpilot, Facebook and Google into the experience management dashboard in real-time. Ombea’s users can then follow the trends of their customer sentiment online and on-site.

Whenever a negative review is posted, staff will get an automatic alert from Ombea to immediately address the issue. In fact, if slightly disgruntled customers see that a brand is consistently responding to negative reviews, they are less likely to leave such reviews in the first place. Secondly, responding to a negative review shows potential customers that a brand cares about the customer experience a lot, and there’s no risk in doing business with them despite a few low-star rankings.

Trustpilot is the top review platform in terms of visibility in the UK, Denmark, Sweden, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and the US. Ombea’s partnership with Trustpilot for the first time opens a possibility for brands to manage reputation effectively across the entire omnichannel.

Ombea’s public review management module works hand in hand with its existing customer experience management suite. The module perfectly complements existing Ombea feedback collectors such as smiley feedback terminals, QR code surveys, email and SMS surveys, and website widgets. Once feedback is registered, Ombea automagically transforms it into actions for the frontline staff.

Imagine this, a retailer’s Trustpilot score suddenly drops by a few decimal points. Ombea automatically notifies the brand’s online marketing team and prompts them to respond to negative reviews immediately. At the same time, Ombea registers an influx of negative feedback at the click & collect location. This is what caused the negative online reviews in the first place! Ombea alerts in-store staff about the long waiting time. The store manager quickly sends more staff to the counters before the problem escalates and turns into even more negative online reviews. What could take days or weeks to pinpoint and coordinate has been solved in minutes with Ombea.

About Ombea

Ombea was founded in 2011 to make every experience count. It is an experience management platform enabling organizations to increase customer loyalty and reduce churn by listening and reacting on a continuous stream of feedback. Today Ombea has helped organizations in over 100 countries bring more than 0.5bn voices to the surface and multiple times being awarded as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe by Deloitte and The Financial Times.

About Trustpilot

Trustpilot was founded in 2007 with a vision to create an independent currency of trust. It is a digital platform that brings businesses and consumers together to foster trust and inspire collaboration. Trustpilot is free to use, open to everybody, and built on transparency.

Trustpilot hosts reviews to help consumers shop with confidence and deliver rich insights to help businesses improve the experiences they offer. The more consumers use our platform and share their own opinions, the richer the insights we offer businesses, and the more opportunities they have to earn consumers' trust from all around the world.

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